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 Burleyfields - Doxey Let Down by Planning Committee

When the Bellway planning Application was considered by the Stafford Borough Planning Committee last Wednesday (18th March) consistency and democracy were rejected and the developers were appeased.

Although Doxey's case had very been very ably argued by two of their own supporters, the controlling group won the day on the chairman's casting vote after the committee had split 4-4 on party lines. The 170 houses  will go ahead with virtually no recreation facilities, potentially dangerous road junctions and the obliteration of the one green footpath link from Doxey to Greenway and the Castle.

The vote was restricted to those committee members who had attended the earlier site visit.

The whole of the "consultation" procedure that Doxey fought so hard for,  has proved to be a farce with the Committee and the developer ignoring petitions, meetings, and pleas by residents, the parish council, our Borough Councillor and our MP (see letter to Councillor  Isabella Davies).

All developers will now see Stafford Borough as an easy touch, or as Parish Councillor Neil Thomas put it  "... the message will go out to all developers that they can easily get round the need for a masterplan by submitting a planning application before one has been drawn up.  Your planning officers then will not have the backbone to stand up to them."

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'The Plan for Stafford Borough 2011-2031' 
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Bellway Plans  (on Borough Website)

 Possibility of Doctors Surgery in Doxey.

Doxey residents have long wanted their own (or a least a nearer) doctor's surgery. At last it seems that it may be possible. Rising Brook and Cross Street Surgery are investigating the possibility and circulating a questionnaire on the subject.

"Rising Brook Surgery are a forward thinking GP Practice and are aware of the need for a new GP Surgery in the Doxey area which has been proposed in plans for the new Housing Development being considered by Stafford Borough Council. At this moment this is a proposal, as we are required to seek approval from NHS England for a new GP Surgery.

If approval is granted, the Practice proposes to offer a similar range of services currently available from Rising Brook Surgery. it is envisaged that a range of community health services will also be delivered from the new facility resulting in services being offered within easy access for the patientsí.

We are providing this information together with the attached questionnaire in order to engage with the residents of Doxey and surrounding areas, at the earliest point possible in the process.

We do hope that you will take five minutes to complete this questionnaire which will assist the Practice in obtaining as many responses as possible, to provide us with information vital to designing your potential new GP Surgery and in order to gain an accurate picture of the needs and preferences of the community.

Thank you for your co-operation."

Ways to complete and submit your questionnaire:

On-line via our website http://www.risingbrooksurgery.nhs.uk

Hard copies are available from:
- Doxey Road Newsagents
- Bradbury Rise Stores
- St Thomas and St Andrews Church, Doxey Road
- Rising Brook Surgery, Merrey Road, Stafford ST17 9LY
- Cross Street Surgery, New Street, Stafford ST16 3BD

Rising Brook Surgery, Merrey Road, Stafford ST17 9LY Tel: 01185 251134 Fax: 01785 222441
Cross Street Surgery, New Street, Stafford ST16 3BD Tel: 01785 253453 Fax: 01785 220438

Website:  http://www.risingbrooksurgery.nhs.uk
Email: Rising-brook.surgery@nhs.net



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