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Bellway Backtracks On Plans

Attempt to push through development off Doxey Road

In July we reported that developers Taylor-Wimpey and Bellway had unveiled their plans for the land between Doxey and Stafford Castle. The plans, linked to the Stafford Local Plan, provided a comprehensive view of the future of the area with schools, shops, and recreation areas serving 2200 houses. Road access would be via Martin Drive and a new secondary road joining Doxey between Bradbury Rise and the School. Then Martin Drive would be then linked to Doxey Road and Foregate St by the new Western Access route.

Now less than 6 months later we are presented with a unilateral proposal by Bellway to fill in the area adjoining Doxey (Road) with 170 houses, 2 exits onto the main road, no playing space, no amenities and no conceivable purpose apart from making money for Bellway (and Saint-Gobain?). This is put forward by Bellway with no reference to the development of the rest of the 'Burleyfields' area.

If the current plans went ahead Doxey would remain separated from the rest of Stafford with no possible alternative access to Stafford.

Bellway are asking for comments by 11th December (less than 3 weeks from the initial announcement).

The Parish Council are hoping to discuss the proposals with the Borough Council and then call a public meeting to decide on future action.

local plan of area

Shaded  area is that covered by new (Nov-2013) plan.
 New plan as published by Bellway - November 2013
Plans as published by Taylor-Wimpey & Bellway - July 2013
Special Nov-2013 Edition - Doxey Times
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Dates for 2013
7th Dec - Doxey Hub launch
7th Dec - Senior Citizens Dinner
11th Dec - DCA Meeting

Keeping Kit with Doreen - Are you in this Photo ?

In the 60s and 70s Doreen Garrard ran the Doxey Keep Class.

Her daughter Sue has sent this photo. Click here for more details
keeping Fit

.. and the Tuns came a'tumbling down !

The Three Tuns in 2004, after having a yellow/cream makeover which (some say) spoilt an imposing building.

The building built as a private house ("Brodick") around 1920,  became a pub in the mid 50s and thrived for 40 odd years ...

Have you any photos etc. of the Three Tuns as it was before 2000 that you would share?  We would like to record as much history as possible.

and in 2013 just before demolition. A sad shell of a building.

.. before closing in 2009 as a result in the changing of drinking habits which forced the closure of many pubs in the country - including the Doxey Arms 500 yards up the road.

The original Three Tuns was in Stafford's main street and the licence was transferred in 1956.

.. and then it was no more. A pile of rubble ready to be taken away.

The site will be used to construct a number of starter homes.

Click here to see more details of the Three Tuns' history and pictures of its demolition. (under development)

Castle Pizzas Opens in Doxey (on site of Happys/PerriPerri) - Click here for menu etc

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