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Bellway Plans - Public Meeting

The Parish Council have called a public meeting to discuss the Bellway Plans (see below)
Thursday 26th June 2014
Doxey Church Hall
7.00 pm

Anyone who is concerned about Doxey's future should attend.
If Bellway's Plans go ahead it will prevent the proper development of the area and will reduce the facilities available for Doxey

Overall Plan for West Stafford Approved - Not what Bellway Proposes

As Doxey meets to discuss the Bellway Plans, 'The Plan for Stafford Borough 2011-2031' has been officially adopted by the Borough Council. This lays down a broad guideline for developments in Stafford over the next 20 years. It proposes the building of 2200 houses in a 'neighbourhood'  between Doxey and the Castle and specifies :
"Within the area West of Stafford identified on the Policies Map a sustainable, well designed mixed use development will be delivered by 2031. Any application for development on a part or the whole of the area should be consistent with a master plan for the whole Strategic Development Location. The master plan for the whole site should be produced by all developers involved in the developmentof the site and agreed by the Council prior to applications being submitted. Any application for a component of the whole site must be accompanied by a specific master plan which shows the relationship of the application area to the wider Strategic Development Location. The design of the application should not prejudice the delivery or design of the wider Strategic Development Location."

This is exactly what Bellway have NOT done.

For details of :
'The Plan for Stafford Borough 2011-2031'  go to the Borough Website (click here)
Bellway Plans (Click Here)
Recent Planning History (Click here)

24th June

Bellway's  More of the (Unwanted !) Same

Bellways revised plan - May 2014 (Compare with previous plans)

Last November Bellway unveiled their plans for the area south of Doxey. They were fundamentally different from the those published, jointly with Taylor Wimpey, six months earlier. There was a half-hearted attempt to consult with an exhibition, arranged at very short notice, in the Church. The general feeling seemed to be that the plans were unsatisfactory in that they ignored the previous joint plan and Stafford Borough's plan for Stafford which is just about to be finally adopted.
It was hoped that the reaction would cause Bellway to rethink their plans to make them acceptable to local residents and the Borough Council.

No such luck !
Bellway have now resubmitted the plans with only minor changes and the public has until Thursday 12th June to make comments.

The plans can be viewed at the Civic Centre Offices or at their website

The Case Officer is Mr M Alford Tel 01785 619 524

[nb. the views expressed on this site are those of the webmaster and may not reflect those of the Doxey Community Association]
Points for  consideration when making comments
  • Consultation 
    • Was it adequate last November ?
    • We need further consultation with Bellway and Councils
  • Road Plan
    • Need for Western Access Road  to be built first
  • Footpaths 
    • Not landscaped & not separated from traffic
    • No internal pedestrian routes
  • Play Areas/Open Spaces
    • No play areas within the development
    • 'Open Space' too far from houses
  • Attenuation Pond
    • Was originally further north
    • Excessive landfill needed to increase number of houses
  • Piecemeal Development
    • Not concerned with larger area
    • Doxey may lose access to future facilities located elsewhere

Keeping Kit with Doreen - Are you in this Photo ?

In the 60s and 70s Doreen Garrard ran the Doxey Keep Class.

Her daughter Sue has sent this photo. Click here for more details
keeping Fit

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