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Do You Remember this arch at Doxey House ?

In the early 1980's Stafford Borough Council acquired Doxey House and use it to create sheltered accommodation (now maintained by Stafford & Rural Homes).   Doxey House is one of the older residences in Doxey and dates back to the 18th Century. (see Doxey in 1900). In the 1800s an arch was erected in the garden. It was reputed to have come from St Marys Church (possibly when it was restored by Gilbert Scott between 1842 and 1844).

Recently the DCA website has received  an email from Mrs Ann Webb, a granddaughter of Mr Frederick and Mrs  May Roebuck who were tenants of Doxey House from 1939.    She spent a lot of time  at Doxey House  in her youth  and has lots to  remember about  the house and surroundings before 1980.

She remembered the arch and wondered whether it was still there. On investigation it seems to have been removed after the Borough Council took over the property.

If anyone knows what happened to the arch,  Ann (and the webmaster) would be very interested.

Ann is planning to visit Stafford with her husband Charles in June or July and would like to get in touch with anyone who remembers her family, especially her grandmother (who was renowned for her colourful hats!).

If anyone has any information on the arch, or memories of the Roebucks and Doxey House we can pass them to Ann Webb (webmaster@doxeyca.org.uk)
Arch at Doxey House

 Burleyfields - Doxey Let Down by Planning Committee

When the Bellway planning Application was considered by the Stafford Borough Planning Committee on 18th March consistency and democracy were rejected and the developers were appeased.

The development will now go ahead without the (comparatively minor) changes wanted by Doxey residents. We hope that the development will be implemented with more regard to local opinion than has been shown so far. But we are not optimistic.

Thanks to all those who supported the attempt to get the Planning Committee to behave responsibly. Sorry we weren't more successful.

(For more information and background click here)

 Possibility of Doctors Surgery in Doxey.

Doxey residents have long wanted their own (or a least a nearer) doctor's surgery. At last it seems that it may be possible. Rising Brook and Cross Street Surgery are investigating the possibility and have circulated a questionnaire on the subject. [Click here]


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