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Doxey Community Association

Minutes from Meeting

Wednesday 8th February 2012


Gill Smith, Mark Smith, Isabella Davies, David Hughes, Sally Hems and Anita Sumner-Smith


Denise and John Peel, Iain Simpson and John Smith

Minutes from last meeting

Amendments from minutes; “e” missing from Davies and “they” instead of “the” on page two under AOB.


A trustees meeting has been arranged for Wednesday 7th March ’12 at 7pm, Doxey Church hall. All trustees to be informed.


No financial report had been requested.

Rob has informed the DCA that he will be stepping down as treasurer at the next AGM due to other commitments.

Anita also informed meeting that she will be unable to continue her role as secretary. Mark encouraged everyone to make enquires if anyone else would be interested in these forthcoming positions.

Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations

The jubilee celebrations are taking place on the long weekend of 2nd June 2012. It was suggested/discussed about doing a joint event or bank holiday programme with as many of the groups, organisations, amenities and services within Doxey.

The meeting is to be held on Tuesday 6th March ’12 at 7.30pm, Doxey Chuch hall. Anita to draft a letter and send out to; Doxey Parish Council, Uni Sports & Social Club, Doxey Church/Methodist Church, Primary/Pre School, Sutton Housing, Bradbury Stores, Doxey Stores and Redrow Homes.

Clear Out Day

Mark to contact Mike Turner to confirm details.

Plant & Produce Sale

Gill to confirm booking with Ruth Ball.

Parish Council Update

The Uni Sports & Social Club has received a letter informing them that the tenancy agreement runs out 2012/2013. The club is going to approach DPC for support.

Doxey Times

Printer remains broken but somewhere too fix it is being sourced by John. Mark to check on progress.

Items for March’s Agenda

Date for AGM

Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 14th March ’12 at 7.30pm, William Sutton Centre

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