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Doxey Community Association

Minutes from Meeting

Wednesday 13th April ‘11


John Smith, Denise Peel, Mike Turner, Iain Simpson, David Huges, Sally Hems, Isabella Davis and Anita Sumner-Smith


Gill Smith, Pat and John Perks and Michael Wright


Gill Smith was present at the meeting held on 09.03.’11 and “Articulates” should have been articles.


Chris Lock due to commence work on notice board within the next fortnight.

Denise has talked to Nicki Barron who has expressed an interest in doing some drama workshop within Doxey.

Trustees Meeting

There was not enough trustees present therefore no decisions could be made but items were discussed.

Mikron will not be visiting Doxey this year but will be performing in Gnosall. A suggestion was put forward that a trip to see them perform there could be advertised in the Doxey Times.

Denise has not had the opportunity to contact Joan Harvey but will do so before the next meeting.

A general discussion then followed regarding getting the DCA back on an “even keel”. It was brought to the meetings attention that residents have reported that they have missed not having the Doxey Times; an issue is due out this month. No new people have approached the DCA expressing an interest to get involved. David is to talk with the owners of Aston Bank Farm to see if they are interested in advertising in the Doxey Times with the hope that it will encourage residents to make use of their local amenities.


No financial report available to be requested for next meeting.

John has received a letter regarding insurance for the DCA. It was unanimous agreed that the £238.50 renewal should be paid.


The AGM is taking place on Wednesday 15th June ’11. Iain is unable to present at the meeting but will talk with Neil Thomas to see if he would be available.


Iain gave a brief update regarding Play Space 4 Doxey. From a recent meeting the Borough Council has stipulated that the football field should be kept but Play Space 4 Doxey is pursuing further play facilities. A questioner is to be published in the next Doxey Times asking residents for their suggestions of what play facilities they would like to see within their community.

Clear Out Day

This will be taking place on Sunday 15th May ’11, 1.30pm until 3pm. Mike will be receiving items from 1pm. Poster going up shortly and to be advertised in the Doxey Times.

Doxey Times

Items to be included; DCA AGM, Play Space 4 Doxey, Craft Circle, Sunday Club, Clear Out Day, Coffee Morning and Parish Council Meeting date/time.

Parish Council

A grant has been given to the Sunday Club. They have also encouraged the club to approach the housing associations for further funding and request a minimal charge of a 50p sub.

All Parish Councillors have been re-elected.

Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 11th May ’11 at 7.30pm, William Sutton Centre

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