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Doxey Community Association

Minutes from Meetings

Minutes from Meeting   - Wednesday 13th June 2012


G. Smith, A. Sumner-Smith, S. Hems, D. Hughes, M. Tumer, M. Smith


D. Peel, I. Davies, I. Simpson


The minutes were amended to include M. Tumer as present at the previous meeting.
Minutes then accepted as a true and accurate record.

Matters Arising: Listed as agenda items.

Trustees Report: No meeting.

Financial Report:

No written report available. Monies still being sorted after the Jubilee Day.

Ice cream van donated £20, face painting £69.80 (although funded by Parish Council), this money to be offered back to the council, D. Hughes to raise this at the next council


AGM Poor attendance which resulted in difficulty electing officers. Thanks to go to I. Simpson for organizing the presentation and talk by Chris Coup, Shugborough Museum.

Plant Sale £60 made despite poor turn out.

Clear Out Day Good tumout, only two small boxes left. The Alovera plants left from plant sale and the clear out went to the coffee morning and were re-housed. Thanks to M. Turner for organizing this event.

Queen’s Jubilee Celebration Excellent day! Thanks to A. Sumner-Smith for all her efforts. Finances still being sorted. Every one seemed to have a good time and the event raised the profile of the Universal Club. Thanks to all those involved.

Fund Raising:   Deferred until next meeting.

Future events:

Mikron: 8‘h. September. Venue booked.

Parish Council:

Post Office petition, discussions on football club still ongoing, backing Universal Club in their fight to stay open, discussions with the Highways department in relation to faulty street lights etc.

Doxey Times:

New officers from AGM, Plea for more support, Post Office petition, Thanks to people that supported: plant sale, clear out. Jubilee.


G. Smith raised the issue of the future of the DCA. All the officers are in place because no one else would do the job, not because they wish to. Support within the community at large is minimal. Activities already running could continue without the umbrella of the DCA. Is this the time to consider folding? Discuss. With this in mind the next meeting will examine the constitution to further investigate the consequences of any action undertaken.

Meeting closed at 8.40 pm.

Next meeting 11th July at 7.30pm. at the Sutton Centre.

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