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Doxey Community Association

Minutes from Meeting

Wednesday 13th July ‘11


David Hughes, Isabella Davis, Sally Hems, Gill Smith, Mark Smith and Anita Sumner-Smith


Pat /John Perks and Denise/John Peel


Sally Hems and Mike Turner where recorded as attending twice on 11.05.’11.


The trustees have not meet since the last meeting. Isabella stated that she is happy to remain a trustee of the DCA. Mark to ask Mike Wright and Paul Firman if they wish to stand again.

A trustees meeting has been arranged for Wednesday 27th July ’11.


No financial report was requested for this meeting.

William Sutton Play Space:

William Sutton has approached the DCA and other relevant organisations are asked if they have any suggestions regarding how the old play area could be utilised. Suggestions included an open garden with “rustic” hard wearing play items. The majority of members thought it would be better to remove the fencing however it is understood that it’s there for security reasons. Suggestions are to be phoned through to main office.

Computer Courses:

Deferred to next meeting, Anita to make enquires with Age Concern and SACL.

Craft Circle:

At the intial meeting twenty one people attended. The group is planned to take place on the first and third Wednesday of every month from 7.30pm until 9.30pm, Doxey Church Hall. There is a charge of £2 per person per session. This will hopefully cover venue hire. David suggested that the group could write to Doxey Parish Council and request a small grant to help cover any initial shortfalls in room rental.

Church Hall Usage:

Play group which has been situated in the Church Hall will be moving to Doxey Primary School in the coming months. The Church wardens are actively encouraging groups/organisations to utilise the space.

Parish Council Update:

The Parish Council are in the process of established a website through an independent party. Quotes are currently being sought and the material added will be monitored.

Work at the Doxey Arms has now commenced and the area outside the Three Tunn’s has been tidied up. They are hopefully that work will begin soon.

A family of mice have moved into the football container and have been busy nibbling. The contents of the container to be sorted out and trespassers evicted!

The football field lease has been extended until 2012.

Doxey Times:

Date of publishing needs to be finalised.


The Parish Plan is to be update in line with Government Guidelines.

Date of Next Meeting:

Wednesday 14th September ’11 at 7.30pm, William Sutton Centre

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