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Minutes from Meetings

Wednesday 11th July 2012

Minutes from Meeting   - Wednesday 11th July 2012


G. Smith, S. Hems, D. Hughes, M. Turner, M. Smith

D. Peel, I. Davies, A. Sumner-Smith, P. Perks, J. Perks


The minutes were accepted as a true record, proposed; M. Turner, seconded; M. Smith.

Matters Arising:

The Parish Council agreed that monies raised at the Jubilee from activities funded by the Parish Council are to go to the DCA.

Trustees Report: No meeting.

Financial Report:

100.43 banked from the Jubilee. The process of changing treasurer is not yet complete as far as paper work is concerned.

Feedback: Nothing to report.

Fund Raising:

Deferred until next meeting when the future of the DCA will be discussed.

Future events:

Mikron: 8th September. Venue booked.

August meeting; many people away on holiday at this time so this meeting will not take place.

Parish Council:

The Parish Council have signed an agreement which allows the use of the football field for a further 12 months to June 2013. The Universal Club and Bowling Club are to have a meeting with the Borough Council, this is being supported by the Parish Council and the local MP Mr. Lefroy.

Doxey Times:

New officers from AGM, Plea for more support, Post Office petition, Thanks to people  that supported: plant sale, clear out. Jubilee, Mikron, date of next meeting.


There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.20pm.

Next meeting 12th September at 7.30pm. at the Sutton Centre.

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