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Doxey Community Association

Minutes from Meeting

Wednesday 14th September 2011

Sally Hems, Isabella Davis, Mark Smith, Gill Smith, Iain Simpson.

Anita Sumner-Smith, Denise,John Peel.

Word error on Minutes from the Trustees Meeting on 27.07.2011 under 'Doxey Times’, 'articulates' should be 'articles'.

The trustees met on the 27.07.2011 however due to the number of attendees no formal decisions were made. No further date has been decided for a trustees meeting.

No financial report was requested for this meeting.

Senior Citizens Christmas Party:
It was re-confirmed that the Senior Citizens Christmas Party shall be held at St.Thomas and St. Andrews Church, Doxey on Saturday 10th December at 17.00.

Doxey Times:
A publication of the Doxey Times was being prepared for distribution on Friday 16th September 2011.
A further publication of the Doxey Times will be prepared in Mid-October. It was requested that if anyone had any articles or knew anyone who wished to advertise
an event to please email John Smith in order for it to be included.


Mikron will be attending St. Thomas and St. Andrews Church, Doxey on Sunday 18th. September 2011. It was requested that everyone could spread the word in order to ensure a good turnout.

Some attendees thought that this was the type of event that the DCA should be supporting to run and should not be financed by individuals.
Sally Hems kindly offered to support serving refreshments.

Uni Exhibition:
An exhibition was held at the bowling club regarding the 100 year history of the Universal Grinding Wheel. Due to a lack of publicity attendance was poor. It has been requested that this event be held again at a later date with support from the DCA as it was an informative and interesting exhibition.
The materials are currently with the county archives and so, through lain Simpson, we can liaise to bring it back for a viewing.
Iain Simpson has put on the website some photographs of the Exhibition.

Future Project/Fund Raising:
At the trustees meeting on 27/07/2011 we discussed possible methods of fund raising and future projects we may wish to support or begin. A request was given at the meeting for people to think of ideas.
Some ideas were; a Doxey Day and Clear Out Day.

Parish Council Update:
Traffic lights are to be installed at the entrance to the Castle View housing estate despite concerns of the residents of Doxey. The Parish Council and lsabella Davis have both written letters of objection while Baxter Green signed a petition against the lights.


Iain Simpson has produced an enlarged coloured version of the housing and commercial plan for Doxey. This clearly shows the areas suggested for development.

Concerns were raised regarding the number of green spaces, play spaces and access to the old railway track as well as the volume of traffic and direction of flow.
A meeting is being held at St. Thomas and St. Andrews Church, Doxey on Tuesday- 20th September 2011 with the Borough Council to discuss these plans. Everyone is encouraged to go in order to ensure adequate provision is made for Doxey.

Date of Next Meeting:
Wednesday 12th October 2011 @7.30pm, William Sutton Centre.

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