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Doxey Community Association

Minutes from Meetings

Minutes from Meeting   - Wednesday 13th September 2012


G. Smith, A. Sumner-Smith, S. Hems, D. Hughes, M. Turner, M. Smith, I. Simpson,
S. Corcoran, M. Beech, R. Beech, L. Firman, P. Firman, P. Perks, C Wood.


D. Peel, I. Davies, J. Corcoran, J. Perks.


Minutes from the previous meeting accepted as a true and accurate record.

Matters Arising:

Listed as agenda items.

Trustees Report:

No meeting.

Financial Report:

The account stands at £l099.22 £960 is DCA, other money designated for the Life Support.


Mark made the point that if income remained constant and the expenditure stayed constant than in 3 years the DCA would not have any money left. Anita suggested that as the Life Support course no longer existed that this money could be spent on an alternative first aid course for the community. She would make enquiries of suitable organizations.


60 - 70 attended, youngest 5 years to the elderly. Everyone enjoyed the performance. The cakes were much appreciated and thanks to all those that helped on the day as well as to those people that donated cakes.

Parish Council:

There has been a meeting between Universal, Chair of PC and Redrow. Redrow have agreed to find new premises for the club or assist to keep the current premises open.

Future of the DCA:

Can we sustain a community association? Low numbers, lack of support for events and lack of people willing to take on duties as Chair, secretary and treasurer has meant that people have felt pressured into doing theses jobs when really they do not have the time or energy to do the positions justice.

When the DCA was founded there was no Parish Council and so there was a great need for a community body. Iain suggested that it might be possible for the DCA to be a sub committee of the Parish Council. Mike suggested that it might be advantageous to the Parish Council to have the DCA on board because of charitable status and the DCA could apply for funding that the council could not. There would still be a need for a form of Doxey Times and this could possibly be linked into the newsletter that the council would be responsible for
producing. There was a general consensus on the need to involve more young people but apart from contacting the youth club there were no other suggestions. Iain suggested that it might be a good idea for the trustees to have an informal meeting with the Parish Council to discuss possibilities. Anita suggested a date for a Trustees meeting 28"Ď.September at 7.30pm to focus on the way forward.


Colin Wood expressed concern over the increase of anti-social behaviour especially in the Fern Drive area of Sutton Housing. The PCSO allocation for the area has been reduced and anyone with concerns should contact Helen Walker 07837632427 but if she is not on duty it may be some time before she picks up the message. Alternatively contact the non-emergency number for the police so that all problems are logged and if Doxey is deemed to be having more problems then more resources will be put into the area.

Gill raised the question of the Senior Citizenís Christmas Party. Did the meeting feel this should go ahead? Iain proposed that the Christmas party should go ahead, Mike seconded, all in favour.

Meeting closed at 8.40 pm.

Next meeting 10 October 2012 7.30pm. at the Sutton Centre.

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