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Doxey Community Association

Minutes from Meeting

Wednesday 12th October 2011


Mike Turner, Iain Simpson, Isabella Davies, Mark Smith, Gill Smith, Denise Peel


Jane Essex, John Peel, John Smith, Anita Sumner-Smith, Pat Perks, John Perks.

As the meeting was not quorate, no decisions were made at the meeting, but the following items discussed.

Minutes of last meeting

  • Universal exhibition :- the final sentence should end as follows:- Universal exhibition

  • Trustees:- No trustees meeting has been held since the last DCA meeting

  • Finances:- Rob Belcher has not been asked to give a report. The only item that has been paid out since the last meeting is a cheque for the Doxey Times.

  • Crafty Circle:- Denise Peel gave an update on this. The group has a steady core of people attending and they are hoping to get more. Some of the publicity notices that have been put up have created some interest > She said that she had put up notices in the two Doxey Shops and will check on these again. Notices have also been given to the wool stall in the market, the wool shop in Salter Street and Gymophobics gym as well as regular notices in the Doxey times.

  • Christmas Party:- This will be held on 10th December. Invites to the party will go out in this month’s Doxey Times. Gill Smith stated that various people have already volunteered to make or prepare parts of the meal and that Jane Essex has put forward a suggestion for entertainment – a young pianist who will play for the party group.
    Gill suggested that the menu would remain the same as previous years as this was tried and tested.

Calendar of events for 2012 The following suggestions were made; this will need to be ratified at a later meeting.

    • Doxey Day :- An approach could be made to both the school and the Parish Council to join up for this.

    • Clear out Day Mike Turner agreed to run another of these.

    • Plant Sale There will be a plant sale next year; it may be possible to make this a plant and produce sale , including craft items, etc.

Parish Council Update This was given by Iain Simpson, who told the group about the proposed Western by-pass, explaining the preferred route. Comments about the route will have to be made to the county Council byb 21/10/11.

Doxey Times There will be a new issues in October which will include the following items :

Christmas Party, the Western By-Pass, coffee morning adtes and craft group dates.

AOB Isabella Davies advised the Sutton Centre will be closed for re-decoration 24 -28 October.

Then date of the next meeting is 9/11/11.

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