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Doxey Community Association

Minutes from Meeting   - Wednesday 14th November 2012

Present :

Gill Smith, Neil Thomas, Colin Wood, Allan Haywood, Sheila Dooley,Mike Turner, Cllr. I. Davies, Sally Hems, Pat Perks, David Hughes,
Lilian Firman, Paul Firman, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Marian Belcher, Catherine Andrews, Michael Creek, Martin Strang,
John Peel. Denise Peel, Katie Brereton, Andrew Brereton, Sandra Brereton, Jane Essex, John Smith, Mark Smith, Richard Turner,
B Simpson, I. Simpson, Anita Sumner-Smith

Apologies : J. Perks.

Anita opened the meeting welcoming all who attended and gave a brief outline of the activities of the DCA. Over the last 4 years things have become increasingly difficult as the same few people have continued to support the DCA. There are monthly meetings, open to the public, and an executive group of trustees that meet and govern.

The meeting was then thrown open to the floor.

Several people suggested that part of the original purpose of the DCA, had been taken on by the Parish Council and there was some confusion as to the function of the DCA as it now existed.

It was suggested that the Parish Council could take on more but would be excluded from certain funding as the PC is not a charity.

Key officers felt pressured into continuing as no others volunteered to take over and now were unable to continue, if no-one is willing to volunteer then it will be impossible to continue and the DCA will have to fold.

The Doxey Times, although greatly valued has not been printed as regularly as previously. This is because of lack of information being provided and John does not have the time to chase people for articles.

Catherine Andrews SDVS commented that getting people to volunteer was a common problem and suggested that a meeting with the Parish Council to discuss which areas each group could take responsibility.

It was stressed that unless the DCA does some fund raising or applies for funding it will be out of money in 3 years, at the current rate of spending.

Lilian Firman volunteered to take responsibility as treasurer.

Mike Turner volunteered to take responsibility as secretary.

In summing up Anita proposed that the DCA continued with the new officers working with the Parish Council, Church and any other relevant organization.

All in favour.

Meeting closed at 9.10pm.

Next meeting 12th December 2012 at 7.30pm at the Sutton Centre.

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