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Doxey Community Association

Minutes from Meeting   - Wednesday 12th December 2012

Present: A. Hemmings R. Hemmings P. Perks S. Hems S. Dooley I. Davies A. Hayward C. Wood K. Brereton P. Firman L. Firman G. Smith M. Smith A. Sumner-Smith M. Turner

Apologies: J. Perks D. Hughes D. Peel J. Peel N. Thomas I. Simpson

1. Those present introduced themselves.

2. Minutes of the last meeting were approved as a true record of proceedings.

3. There no matters arising from the minutes not covered by the Agenda.

4. The Chair [Anita Sumner-Smith] reported that the Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner held at the Church on Saturday evening the 8th December had been an outstanding success and thanked everyone who had been involved with organisation and execution of the event for their work and participation. Forty six senior citizens attended and from comments made they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves and wished to know when we were planning the next get together. The Raffle and donations raised £107:22 which have been handed to the Treasurer [Lilian Firman]. The total cost of mounting the event was as yet unknown but is thought to be similar to previous year’s events.

5. The Chair asked all present for ideas and suggestions for activities and social events that we as an association could contemplate undertaking for the coming year. The following suggestions were made: Clear out Day[s]: Table Top Nearly New Sale: Keep Fit [Church looking into providing] Life Saving Lectures Demonstrations: Country Crafts Lectures and Training: A summer Madness Event Doxey Day venue to be sought: Annual General Meeting [May 2013] a guest speaker of note to be invited: It was also noted that Art Classes were to take place from the 15th January 2013 7:00 to 9:00 pm organised by Sue Chatterton tel. 07714 100921. It was considered that we could join forces with other organisations to implement these suggestions. As many hands would be needed to make such things come to fruition

6. The Association needs to attract new members to its ranks in order to continue and expand the good work it has been performed over the 16 years. We should be looking to involve the young members of the community and those who are joining the ranks of Doxey residents and wish to help develop the community life of our Parish.

7. A meeting to be convened to discuss the future of the Doxey Times and its Funding.

8. SDVS Membership forms were handed to the Chair for consideration and future discussion.

9. There was no other business. Seasonal Greetings were exchanged.

10. Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 9th January 2013. Meeting closed at 9:05pm.

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