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Doxey Community Association

Minutes of a Meeting held on the 13th February 2013

Present: I. Davies P. Perks S. Dooley A Hayward L. Firman P. Firman G Smith D. Hughes, N. Thomas C. Wood K. Higgs M. Smith A. Sumner-Smith  M. Turner

Apologies R. &  A. Hemmings J. Perks K. Brereton

Minutes of the Last Meeting  The details of the easy fund raising org had been omitted from the last minutes and this was duly noted apart from this the minutes were considered a true record of proceedings.

Matters Arising:  There were no matters arising not covered by the agenda.

Doxey Day 2013: The chair reported that no headway had been made with school in respect of a combined effort to hold this event and as time was moving on and things had to be put in motion forthwith.   The date was provisionally set Saturday 29th June. David Hughes was asked to investigate with Stafford & Rural Homes if land to the rear of Doxey House could be used as the venue for this event. The Chair indicated that she would contact Stafford Performing Arts and the “Fairies” who had offered their services face painting etcetera for the day.

Financial Report: Mark Smith the former treasurer had finalised the accounts to the year end 31.12.2012 and presented them in printed form for those present to peruse.  He commented that we were spending more on annual basis than we were currently receiving and that needed to be addressed in the coming year.  It was noted that by far the greatest expense was that made to the Mikron Theatre Company from which there was no return in the form of ticket sales whatsoever.   The meeting accepted the accounts as a true record and responsibility for the organisations finances was transferred to the new treasurer Lillian Firman.  It was also agreed that the Bank signatories for the coming year would be A. Sumner-Smith L. Firman  D. Hughes and M. Turner.  An up-to-date list of Trustees will appear on the Doxey Website.   The Chair thanked Mark Smith for his work as treasurer in 2012

Doxey Times & Doxey Business Guide: The chair advised that discussions had taken place with the Parish Council

Regarding producing a joint publication that also involved other organisations in Doxey and she would be organising a further meeting of all possible participants to see hoe this can be carried forward.   The secretary advised that it was also a possibility that we would produce a local business guide twice yearly  to encourage local businesses to offer their services to Doxey Residents. A mock of the guide was shown to those present and it was confirm that business taking advertisements in the guide would also be listed on the website.

Association Membership: The chair confirmed that our membership SDVS had been confirmed.

Face Book Page: The Doxey Face Book Page is up and running as those present were able to when it was demonstrated to those present by its creator Kirsty Higgs.   The chair thanked Kirsty for her work and knew that it would become valuable method of communication in our growing community.

Correspondence:  None Received.

Any Other Business: Mark Smith confirmed he registered the DCA with Easy Fund Raising and was waiting for their acceptance of our organisation as bona fide entity.   The chair stated she was pursuing the St John’s Ambulance Service regarding the provision of Life Saving Training.  David Hughes that government is conducting interviews with person occupying rented property in the area, these interviews genuine and is lawful.

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 13th March 2013:   The Meeting closed at 9:03 PM

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