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Minutes of a Meeting held on the 13th March 2013


Present: D. Hughes [Chair] S. Hems P. Perks S. Dooley A. Hayward L. Firman P. Firman D. Peel, I. Simpson G Smith K. Higgs M. Turner

Apologies: J. Peel J. Perks R. & A. Hemmings K. Brereton I. Davies A. Sumner-Smith

Minutes of the last Meeting: Approved as a true record of proceedings

Matters Arising: There were no matters arising not covered by the agenda

Doxey Day 2013: The Chair advised the meeting that Stafford and Rural Homes had agreed to the use of the facilities at Doxey House for the purpose of the fete on 29th June and wished to play an active part in the event.

A letter was going out to all local organisations inviting them to a meeting on the 24th April 2013 at 7.30pm to discuss the fete and the creation of a new Doxey News Sheet.  It was suggested that the New Testament church be invited as they had expressed interest in becoming involved in local community matters.

Life Saving Courses: Anita Sumner-Smith had been in contact with The Red Cross and copy of the offer which they had made to provide courses was circulated, she had also advise that contact had been made with St Johnís Ambulance Service but to date no course cost had been received.  It was agreed that this matter would be held over to the next meeting to allow St Johnís to make an offer and if this was not forthcoming we would proceed with the Save a life course offered by the Red Cross for 10 person only and participants would be asked to pay a nominal sum of £3 to attend.

Doxey Times / Business Guide: No progress had been made so far and this will largely depend on the outcome of the meeting to be held on 24th April 2013.

Association Membership Fees: The Chair reported that the constitution allowed for the increase of fees so it was perfectly in order to do so with the approval of the Executive Committee.  It was suggested that fees be raised to £1 per member with effect from the AGM with of course the approval of the membership. Those present at the meeting voted unanimously in favour of this proposal.

Correspondence: No Correspondence had been received.

Any Other Business:

1. Mikron No notification had been received regarding a Mikron visit in the autumn, but it was thought that if there were there should be some fiscal return or independent sponsorship, in view of the state of the Associations Bank balance.

2. Mr Ray Sutherland Head of Borough Planning Committee had been approached to speak at AGM, awaiting acceptance.

3. Affinity Sutton had made an approach to DCA to lease the Sutton Centre.  This was considered an impossibility in our present financial position.

4. Approaches had been made to PCSO Helen Walker re the Senior Youth Club Funds held in our account, to date no response received, the matter will be pursued.  

5. Town Centre Celebrations for 1100th Anniversary of the creation of Stafford. Approaches have been made to the Arts Council for funding to enable Doxey to be involved in the Parade. Those present thought this was a good thing and that it should be discussed along with other matters on the 24th April with other local organisations.

6. The Universal Club is still in the legal process, which appears to become more complex daily. The Borough Council have confirmed that they wish to see the Club retained as recreational entity in Doxey, which is positive step forward.


Date of Next Meeting 10th April 2013:    The meeting closed at 8.50pm




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