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Minutes of a Meeting held on 10th April 2013


Present: D. Hughes [Chairing the Meeting] S. Hems I. Davies P. Perks S. Dooley A Hayward C. Wood K. Brereton L. Firman P Firman K Higgs M Smith


Apologies: J. Perks D. Peel G. Smith M. Strang   A. Sumner-Smith


Minutes of the Last Meeting:    These were accepted as a true record of proceedings.


Matters Arising:  There were no matters arising not covered by the Agenda


Approval of the DCA Public Liability Insurance:  It was unanimously agreed that the Cover should be taken out for the year 2013/14. Mark Smith volunteered to perform this duty and liaise with the treasurer.


Arrangements for the AGM:  The DCA Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 22nd May 2013 at the Church Hall.  Currently the people whom Anita had approached to be the keynote speaker were unable to attend therefore we are seeking new names to approach; the meeting suggested Inspector Rob Pilling the local area police chief and Pat Perks agreed to approach him on the Subject.


Doxey Times and Business Guide:   As the meeting on this matter was now not due to take place until 24th April it was decided to carry it over to the next meeting when we were likely to be in a better position to have a discussion on the matter.


Doxey Day and Town Anniversary Procession: It had been agreed that we should organise as Doxey Day In conjunction with Parish Council who in principal are willing to fund the event.   As the football field was currently out of operation an there is a possibility that I could be taken over by developers it was suggested that we should approach Doxey House for use of their grounds. As David Hughes is currently a Board member at Stafford and Rural he agreed to make the initial approach.   In sufficient was currently known about The Town Anniversary Procession but it was considered we should endeavour to take part.


Correspondence: There was no Correspondence.



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