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 Doxey Community Association

Minutes of Meeting held on 12th November 2014


Kristy Higgs, Gill Smith, Claire Turner, Nicky Barron, Richard Essex, Alan Hayward, Sally Hems, Isabella Davis and Anita Sumner-Smith


Denise Peel and Rachel Moore

Minutes from last meeting read and agreed.


Situation remains the same however the Trustees have made a formal decision to move the account to the Co-Operative. The necessary forms have been collected and a new account can be open with a £1. It was proposed that the money from the DCA business account be transferred to the current account; a cheque would then be made out for the full amount apart from a pound. The cheque would then be deposited into the new Co-operative account along with the petty cash. Anita to see if this is viable with Barclays. Gill to talk with Lillian and make enquires to see if she will still continue to be treasurer.

Clear Out Day

This proved to be a successful event. Had a good response from people dropping off and taking away donations. Someone who had recently moved to Doxey attended and was really impressed at the community recycle. The next Clear Out is proposed to take place in the spring of 2015.

Senior Citizens Christmas Meal

Reply slips are slowly being returned. The closing date is not for a few more days yet. There was some concern that not all Doxey Times had been delivered and therefore some residents would not be aware of the event.

Unfortunately The New Testament Church is unable to provide the entertainment as they are double booked that evening. Nicky suggest a lady from Stafford Storytellers. There maybe a small charge but everyone agreed that this would be an interesting addition to the entertain programme. Also confirmed are the Church hand bell ringers and communal carols.

The craft group have kindly completed and donated the gift boxes. Gill is currently compiling a shopping list and it was proposed that Anita would contact Denise and see if she was able to assist with collecting the items. Gill requested some help from divers to collect residents who’ve requested transport to and from event. Anita to contact,Mike Turner to enquire if he could collect people from Doxey House.

Lillian and Paul will be contacted to see if they will be able to assist with setting up the tables. Sally and Isabella kindly offered to assist. Mark is going to decorate the hall during the morning.

Claire and Rob will be providing the soup and vegetable preparers at the ready.

The Parish Council have been approached and funding requested towards the event.

Community Newsletter

The combined newsletter was discussed at length. Various problems where encountered with printing, contacting delivers and distribution. Nicky thanked John and Gill for printing and sorting both newsletters.

Since the meeting the Community Hub has been successful in getting a coloured printer. They do not think it will be feasible to print both newsletters but are happy if the DCA would like to advertise events in the Community Hubs additions.

To be discussed further at next meeting.

Community Hub

Nicky briefly informed the meeting about “No Planet B” which is to taking place at next year at various places in the town centre. A combination of art work, creative writing and poetry will be displayed.

Next Doxey Art’s Experience is taking place on Saturday 22nd November, 2pm until 4pm, everyone welcomed.

Three felting workshops will be taking place on the 17th, 18th and 19th December.

Parish Council Feedback

Bellway are currently creating a master plan which will be shared with residents early in the New Year.

Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 12th January 2015 at 7.30pm @ the Church – Please note no formal meeting is being held in December



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