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Doxey Community Association

Minutes from Meeting of Trustees  - Friday 28th September 2012


G. Smith, A. Sumner-Smith, D. Hughes, S. Hems, M. Smith.


D. Peel.

Future of the DCA:

Should there be no interest from new people the dissolution of the DCA has to follow strict guidelines. A special meeting has to be requested in
Writing by 10 members and put to the general meeting. 21 days notice of this special meeting must be given to members ie. those that have paid
50p annual subscription. Although individuals will be notified it will go in a special edition of the Doxey time so that any member of the
community can attend and hopefully volunteer so that the community association can continue. The arrangement with the Parish Council is
difficult as rules governing sources of income prevent money from a charity.

Gill expressed regret that this was the situation but stated that she could not continue indefinitely and only agreed to be secretary at the AGM to
avoid having to have a second AGM.

A full inventory of items owned by the DCA would have to be compiled should the special meeting decide to dissolve the DCA.

Meeting closed at 8.45pm

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