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'To Maintain, Improve and Extend the Play and Recreational facilities within the Parish of Doxey for its Present and Future Population'

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Borough Election - May 2011

Tillington Ward

Candidates views on Play Space 4 Doxey

Isabella Davies - Conservative Party

Our meeting with Mike Heenan, the leader of Stafford Borough Council, and top officers got so far so fast I could hardly believe it.
But it wasn’t an April Fool, it was a real step forward. The council’s officers understand that Doxey can’t afford to lose the football pitch which people have enjoyed playing on for nearly 50 years.
Fingers crossed, we will get a helpful response from Bellway, the firm which wants to build houses on the land between the football pitch and the main road.
But this will only stop Doxey’s lack of play space from getting any worse. We need to do more to make things better.
Doxey people know that the play area off Greensome Close is no use for younger children. Parents just don’t want them to play there. But we might be able to find a use for it for older children.
I’ve asked whether part of it could be used for allotments. Doxey Primary School would like to plant trees on some of it, but not all of it.
I want to thank everyone in Doxey who has helped us achieve so much. Please let’s keep working together to do even more for Doxey.

Jane Essex - Labour & Cooperative Party

Having lived in Doxey for 14 years, I am very aware that we face an apparent conundrum. Surrounded by beautiful countryside and overlooking the marshes, we have limited (and diminishing) access to land for recreation. The assumption that we could work informally to find land for leisure no longer holds good.
If elected I would firstly be seeking clarification of the status of our existing facilities, working closely with PS4D, and then consulting residents about the range of facilities that are wanted for the future. As development takes place, new possibilities to formalise and extend informal arrangements present themselves; we must ensure that developers do not short change us in upholding their legal and moral responsibilities towards their neighbours.  
I feel that access to the green spaces that lie beyond any developments, and which offer scope for walking, cycling and exploration, is vital. Access should, therefore, be monitored and rigorously enforced from the planning stage onwards. Consultation with all those affected should be used to guide the type of facilities and their location.
My vision is for us to have the infrastructure to be ‘Doxey, a place to work, rest and play.’

Peter Goodland - Conservative Party

From the beginning of my time as a Stafford Borough Councillor I have wanted to see Doxey provide good quality play facilities for the benefit of all its residents. But because of past reluctance on behalf of SBC Doxey has suffered through lack of investment.
My commitment has been to create the right environment for investment and I succeeded in securing the interest of our MP in a meeting that helped preserve the football pitch at the old Universal site. It’s only a start but at the same time it helped build a better working relationship with SBC that will help secure the future of play/leisure facilities in Doxey.
This was possible by my bringing together the council leader Mike Heenan, SBC Chief Exec. Ian Thompson, Jeremy Lefoy MP, and staff from SBC leisure department together with community representatives, including Doxey Parish Council and PlaySpace4Doxey.
The meeting found a resolution that will help secure the pitch for future generations in Doxey. But this is only the start; because it’s taken time to overcome this past reluctance for investment I hope we can now forge ahead to a better future. Voting for me will continue this path.

Jeremy Milln - Green Party

As a local parent myself, I wholeheartedly support PlaySpace 4 Doxey’s campaign to protect the football pitch.
The challenges we face today of overcrowding and social or environmental deprivation are the results of decisions we made yesterday. While many may have been made for good reasons at the time, the over-riding lesson is that, now more than ever, we need to ensure that planning decisions are fully sustainable if we are to leave our children a worthwhile legacy – one that goes some way to reversing social and environmental harm.
The compensation of recreational open space is absolutely central to this philosophy, for it delivers both social and environmental benefits. Denial of it anywhere injures our sense of the order and decency of life at a most visceral level.
Denial of it at Doxey would be especially grievous, given its paucity anyway

Tony Nixon - Labour & Cooperative Party

It is clear that there is very little space for recreation in Doxey and although the current Redrow development will have contributed via a 106 agreement to provide the Borough Council with funds to enhance facilities locally, nothing has been done in Doxey itself.
While the play area on Victoria Park has had a large amount of funding and will be an asset to the town centre when completed, it is too far away from Doxey for local youngsters to make use of it on a daily basis.
It is of course for your Borough Councillors to decide where money is spent on play and recreation areas. If I were elected to represent Doxey again as I did from 1999 to 2003 I would consult with the residents to find what was most needed, and press for any future income from developers to be spent in Doxey itself to provide the sort of facilities that are so sadly lacking.

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