County councillor's Report 2003/2004

The last year has continued to be a very busy one for me as your County Councillor. I have been involved specifically with the following.

I attended the public meeting called to try and save Doxey Post Office.

I supplied Postwatch with the census information on which they based their case for keeping the Post Office open. I also wrote a letter to the Post Office objecting to the closure.

I have taken up issues raised by the residents of Doxey to the local police commander in order for them to be actioned. This has led recently to an increased presence by special constables in Doxey on Friday evenings and at weekends.

I have provided funding from my local members' initiative scheme to the Mikron Group, in order for plays to take place in Doxey.

I have kept a close eye on the relevant rail authorities to ensure that the work to the railway line was completed as soon as possible; and that the minimal amount of inconvenience was caused to the residents of Doxey.

I have taken up residents' concerns about Arriva buses with the company. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get a private company to make changes that affect their profits. Bus companies although providing public transport are not run by the Council and the Council has little control over them.

I have attended a number of Community Association meetings and taken up concerns expressed with the relevant council officers in Education, Social Services and Libraries. I have helped numerous residents with problems.

I supported the Association's campaign for a parish council and in the County Council's Cabinet I gained total support, which will be relayed to the Deputy Prime Minister.

I am sorry that I cannot be with you tonight as I am working at the Area Forum in Gnosall, but I assure you that my commitment to Doxey Community Association and the residents of Doxey remains as strong as ever.

Robert Simpson
County Councillor - Stafford Northgate