Report prepared for Doxey Community Association by Stafford Borough Councillors for Tillington Ward:

Councillor Peter Goodland

Councillor Adam Tedstone

This report is completed for the Doxey Community Association Annual General Meeting being held on Wednesday 12th May 2004.

Both Councillors were elected in 2003 to the ward. Since that time they have represented the ward in various ways. Either with the wider responsibly of general council business, through attendance at committee and scrutiny meetings, or by representing the ward. This report confines itself to those activities affecting the Doxey area although a considerable amount of time has been spent on issues affecting the remainder of the ward e.g. speeding on the Eccleshall Road and planning applications affecting the area through the Prime Point locations near the M 6 motorway.

During the period residents of Doxey have approached the Councillors with personal problems affecting their quality of life. These are listed below:

A resident approached the councillor with problems of a noisy car affecting their peace at home. The resident wished to remain anonymous therefore the councillors advocated on the complainants behalf by contacting the police with details of the problem. Acting in this way the Police resolved the problem to the satisfaction of the resident.

A resident approached the councillor with concerns about the lack of bus services between Doxey and Stafford. An appointment was made with the County Council representative responsible for bus services in outlying areas. The meeting was not successful with the Council Officer explaining the priorities of subsidising bus services. The opinion of the County Council is that Doxey is a low priority for this and there re no plans to introduce Sunday services to Doxey. Any further representation is needed with the Staffordshire County Councillor. This was explained to the resident who was considering the next step.

A Doxey resident spoke complaining about dogs fouling her front garden and the pathway near the primary school. This was resolved by contact with the Stafford Borough dog warden who visited the household and discussed the problems. The councillor in conversation the warden raised the issue about the locality and that this problem is wide spread and not confined to this individual. The warden agreed to pay attention to the area over a period of time with the view to identifying and educating dog owners of the risks associated with dog fouling public areas.

A resident contacted the councillor expressing concern that the local paper, the Express and Star, was being delivered by underage children and that the paper was being left in the post box and therefore a security risk. The resident had already contacted the paper and failed to have success in resolving the issues. He therefore asked for assistance of the Borough councillor who contacted the Express and Star. After speaking to the area manager the problem was resolved " satisfactorily.

General issues of importance to the Doxey Community being address by the Councillors:

A Councillor was contacted to raise the points of the play strategy for the area. Representation was made with the relevant Council Officer and Cabinet Member for Leisure Services. The points were brought forward but the policy of determining play strategy was fixed; although the councillor was assured the information would be considered.

A number of residents queried why the policy of recycling through the `Brown Bin Waste' system did not apply to Doxey and expressed concern that the area seems to have been neglected. Particularly considering the many large gardens in Doxey. The rational of the policy was explained with the assurance that in spring 2005 Doxey residents, and all residents of the Borough, will have this facility.

Councillors supported the campaign to save the Post Office.

Councillors have been involved in discussions with Doxey council house residents over the proposed stock transfer. The views of Doxey residents were sought at a meeting held by the Borough earlier this year at the School. At that meeting residents had an opportunity to express their views, which were passed to Council Officers. The main concern expressed was the transfer to an outside Housing Association with acknowledgement that transfer to a single housing association may have advantages.

A major concern facing Doxey in recent months is the appeal for the housing development on the Universal site. The Councillors have been aware of this and planning to represent the view of the Association at the forthcoming Appeal Hearing.

The Councillors have also supported the application for Parish status.

Both Councillors are conscious of their responsibility to the Ward of Tillington, including Doxey, through all their involvement of the Council committees. The interests of the ward are central to their actions in all council business.

Councillor Peter Goodland

Councillor Adam Tedstone

May 2004 - Stafford