Minutes of the meeting held on 9th August 2006

Present: Stephen Moore, Joan Moore, Gill Smith, Sally Hems, Nigel Barnett, Pat Perks, John Perks, John Peel, Anita Sumner, David Hughes, Mike Turner, John Corcoran, Sue Corcoran, Jane Essex and Tunga Muzangaza

Apologies for absence: Adrian Venables, Denise Peel and Gill Smith

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes from the last meeting were accepted.

Feedback from Trustees meeting

The trustee meeting was held on Wednesday 2nd August ’06 it was attended by Anita Sumner, Rob Belcher, Pat Perks, Stephen Moore and Tunga Muzangaza. The meeting discussed the Doxey Day proceeds of £139.44. It was decided that the proceeds should be set aside, to accumulate with other proceeds from DCA activities, in preparation for a donation to a specific group. It was also decided that the Senior Citizens Christmas meal will go ahead on a budget of £80.

Feedback on events: Indian Dance Workshop:

The event was attended by 22 people. The event was an hour long and it comprised of a demonstration, information on the Indian culture and dance routines and then a practical workshop allowing participates to try out some of the steps. The facilitator will apply for a grant from the Art’s Council, to fund future free workshops. The last event was funded by Culture Gen.

Forthcoming events:

Etruria Café Theatre Workshops:

Anita Sumner is awaiting contact from the drama group regarding the workshops schedules for September.

Blackpool trip:

To date 33 people have registered an interest in the trip, and of them 27 have confirmed and paid for the tickets. However due to a pricing error from Happy Day Coaches, there is a shortfall of £52, which David Hughes planned to pay for. It was proposed that the DCA should refund David Huges £52, DCA member attending the meeting agreed to the proposals.

Mrs Brunel by Mikron:

Mikron are scheduled to perform the play in September. It had been previously agreed by the DCA members that no tickets are to be sold for the event, instead, the audience will be asked to make donations on the day. The cost of the performance to be paid by the DCA is to be confirmed by Jane Essex, either £300 or £600, to be discussed at the next meeting

Doxey clear out day:

Further information is to be requested from Mike Turner.

Senior Citizens Christmas Meal:

The Youth Forum was approached to help organize the event; however they declined the offer citing Sue Fox’s departure and the lack of a replacement preventing the youth forum’s participation. DCA trustees have agreed an £80 budget for the event.



Doxey Players:

The group held a meeting on Monday 17th July ’06 in the Doxey Arms function room. The group consisted on John Smith, Anita Sumner, Denise Peel and Terry Williams. The plans for a performance in October 2006 have been cancelled; instead the group has decided to perform a pantomime in April 2007, followed by a play by the adult actors in September 2007.

A read through of the proposed pantomime scripts will be held on Monday the 21st August 06, in the Doxey Arms function room at 7pm.

Doxey Parish Council:

The footpath along Doxey Road is in the process of being elevated from the Doxey Stores to 247 Doxey Road. This has been conducted by the DPC through the Staffordshire County council.

Youth Forum:

Sue Fox has not been replaced. The Youth Club has been closed for the summer holidays and will reconvene when the school term begins.

Doxey Times:

As mentioned in the minutes of last weeks meeting, John Smith has taken over the editorial role of the Doxey times. He has requested that prewritten articles be submitted for the Doxey times. The DCA are also looking for someone who could deliver the Doxey Times to the various distributors in Doxey distributor. It would take approximately 1 ½ hrs each a month and the process includes batching the Doxey Times and on occasions distribution of paper to cover distributors who are away.

Items to be included in the next edition of Doxey Times:

The Mikron Visit 24th of September

Parish plan meeting to be held on the 09/09/2006 at the Church of Saint Andrew’s and Thomas. A meeting is to be held on the 26/09/2006 with Juliet Prince and Di Powell to discuss policing in Doxey now and in the future.

An up-date of the situation of the Doxey play group.


Etrurian Café:

Jane Essex distributed an evaluation form for the theatre group, which they require to obtain funding. The forms were distributed to DCA members who attended the play on Monday 10th July ’06. These members are John and Sue Corcoran, John and Pat Perks, Sally Hems, Joan and Stephen Moore, Denise Peel, and the Smith family.

Anti Social Behaviour:

Anita Sumner received an e-mail detailing the availability of Anti Social Behavioural grant, which the DCA can apply for to fund projects the help tackle anti social behaviour.

Friend of Victoria Park:

A letter was received by Joan Moore from the friends of Victoria Park, detailing the Agenda of their next AGM.

Land Development Framework:

For further information see Steven Moore

Any Other Business:

The Church of Saint Andrews and Thomas is to hold lunch’s on trial basis, on a Thursday between 12 noon and 2pm and will be available to all. The lunches will be prepared and be available from the Church. These lunches will be held on a trial basis for the month of August. The first lunch meeting proved popular as 14 people attended.



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