Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 12th July 2006

Present: Stephen Moore, Joan Moore, Gill Smith, Sally Hems, Nigel Barnett, Pat Perks, John Perks, John Peel, Anita Sumner, David Hughes, Mike Turner, John Corcoran and Tunga Muzangaza

Apologies: Adrian Venables, Sue Corcoran and Denise Peel

Minutes of the last meeting:

Minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 14th June 2006 were accepted. Anita collected committee member addresses and telephone numbers, to allow previous meeting minutes and next meeting agenda, to be distributed to members at least a week before the meeting.

Doxey Day:

Claire Turner thanked the DCA for their participation on the day. In general the day was a success, however it was noted that, the day required better organization, especially, the selection of a date and the advertising of the event around Doxey, and sign posting of the various tables and activities especially those run by the DCA. The total takings from the event were £ 105.74, collected from the following;

Human fruit machine £ 10.60

Lucky straw game £ 48.40

Brick and brack stand £ 6.35

Plants sale £ 40.39

Suggestions were put forward by the committee for distribution of the above proceeds. These suggestions were to donate the proceeds to Doxey Primary School or the Doxey playgroup. The suggestions will be discussed by the DCA Trustees at their next meeting.

Etruria Café Theatre:

The event sold 60 – 63 tickets. The play was enjoyable, although there was not enough food for all the audience. The performance was slightly disturbed by someone mowing the church lawns during the performance. The total proceeds unremitted to the theatre group were £34.


Parish Plan Meeting:

Mike Turner reported the following matter arising from the meeting:


Doxey Plan and the Doxey Parish Council:

A model of Doxey was built by Doxey Primary school students from the 4th year and Stephen Moore. The model was on display on Doxey day and proved popular.

A survey adapted from Devonshire County Council was also conducted. The survey was aimed at the school children and gathered information that would be useful in the creation of youth activities. The survey covered the following questions:


What they felt about Doxey, and Doxey Primary School,

Where they like playing now

Where they would like to play in the future

What they would like to do outside

Policing the Doxey Community:

The Police were criticized for their lack of sufficient presence and activity within the community. Letters were sent to the police by MP David Kidney and Peter Goodland. Juliet Prince has been seconded out and has been replaced by Jane Hewitt.


Toots and Teens:

The funding for the toots and teens program was discussed as well as the inclusion of kids below 3 years.


Youth Club:

The youth club has proved popular, and well participated by the Doxey youths. However there has been a lack of funding from the county council.

Doxey Post Office:

David Kidney has discussed the possibilities of a Doxey Post office, with Rose from Doxey Stores.


Doxey Playfields:

The reconstruction of sports field was discussed and is being followed up by David Rowlings.


Doxey Field Post Box:

The establishing of a Doxey fields post box is being followed up by David Hughes

Summary of Meeting

The meeting was well attended by invited guests. There was a general consensus that David Kidney was receptive to Doxey matters raised, in particular service not being provided at their value for money to Doxey residents. It was noted by some committee members that, there is low perception of value for money services among the committee members and from members of the Doxey community.

Forth Coming Events:

August DCA meeting 09.08.2006:

The meeting will begin at 7pm. It will be held at the William Sutton Centre. The event will be informal, beginning with a small meeting, followed by some snacks and drinks. David Hughes and Sally Hems kindly offered to purchase and prepare the snacks. Last years budget of £44 was used to get Cheese, Grapes, and Sandwiches.


Indian dance workshop:

An Indian dance workshop will be held on Saturday the 10th of July 2006, at 10:30am, at St Andrews and Thomas Church Hall.

Etruria workshops September 2006:

Etruria Café theatre will be holding free drama workshops on acting, music, and writing (which will be mainly aimed at Adults)? There are 9 hours of workshop time available. The work shops have been planned for the beginning of September and the suggested times 10:30 – 12:30 and 13:30 – 17:00. The suggested venues include the Church hall, School Hall.


Blackpool trip:

The trip has been schedules for the 2nd of September 2006. To date, there have been 29 bookings, of which 27 have confirmed and 2 have pulled out.



Mikron is scheduled to hold the performance of play titled “Mrs Brunel” on the 24th September 2006. For this performance it has been proposed that no £600 payment be made and instead of ticket sales the tickets for the performance will be free, donations will be accepted during the performance.


Allocation of attendance for other community meetings:

Friends of Victoria Park:

Member to attend: Sally Hems and David Hughes

Local Environmental Quality Group:

Members to attend: Kristy Higgs and David Hughes


Three Partnership Groups:

Members to attend: Mike Turner. Joan Harvey will be approached and asked if she would like to continue attending the meetings


Stafford District Voluntary Service:

Members to attend: Anita Sumner and David Hughes

Community Council of Staffordshire:

Members to attend: David Hughes, Nigel Barnett, Mike Turner and Anita Sumner


Tenant’s Federation:

Members to attend: David Hughes

Doxey Players:

A meeting of the Doxey Players will be held on Monday 17 July 2006 at 19:30. The meeting will be held in the Doxey arms function room.

Report from the parish council:

The foot path along both sides of Doxey Road from the Doxey Shops to House 247, will be raised. The road has already been marked.

The DPC has also been in contact with county council regarding the incorporation of sport field behind the school, into the ground in the school.


Youth Forum:

Sue Fox, is no longer holding her post as the Staffordshire Youth Advisor. The DCA (via the chairman) will write to Sue Fox to thank her for efforts. The DCA will also send a message of support to the youth forum.


Doxey Times:

John Smith will be taking over the Doxey Time editorial work. Further help will be required for the printing and distribution of the Doxey Times.

It has been suggested that items for the DT should be already written and so require minimal editorial work.


Items to be included in the August Doxey Times are:

Blackpool Reminder, the fact that bookings can be changed up to 2 weeks before the trip.

Mikron, “Mrs Brunel, and Carrying on”

Doxey Day report

Thanks to Sue Fox,

Trip to Azerbaijan, by Rob Belcham, and Geoff Moore

Luncheon club at church

Clear out day

Friendship group 23rd of September 2006


Press and Publicity:

Another task undertaken by Stephen Moore is arranging the press and publicity. This is regards receiving phone calls and information requests on the behalf of DCA, and putting out the occasional press releases. David Hughes is interested in participating in the PP





Any Other business:

Life Support course:

Next Course has been provisionally set for 27th of July. This course will be for adults.


Play group:

The AGM for the playgroup was held on the 12th July ’06. The group is not in a good financial position. St. Thomas and St. Andrews have agreed to waver the fees of rent until Christmas when it will be reviewed again.


Car boot sale:

The proposed car boot sale has been cancelled, as alternative arrangements have been made, for the disposal of old books and furniture, such as donating the books to Oxfam and any furniture to the Furniture exchange.

Senior citizens Christmas party:

The function has been previously organised by Mark Smith. It is for people over 60’s. The party is usually attended by 60 – 70 people and run on a first come first serve basis. David Hughes has expressed interest in assisting with the organization of the party. This project could also be for the Youth Forum.



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