Minutes of the meeting held on 13th September 2006

Present: Gill Smith, Nigel Barnett, Anita Sumner, David Hughes, Mike Turner, Adrian Venables, Michelle Elliott, Terry Strickland and Tunga Muzangaza.

Apologies: John Corcoran, Sue Corcoran, Denise Peel, John Peel, Stephen Moore, Joan Moore and Sally Hems.

Absent: Pat and John Perks.

Minutes of the last meeting:

Minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 9th August 2006 were accepted. Adjustments necessary were to attendants list of that meeting, Terry Strickland was added and Gill Smith was deleted.


A list will be distributed at the beginning of the meeting, to mark members present at the meeting.

Evaluation and Evolution of DCA:

A debate began discussing the roles and responsibilities of the Trustees and the committee members,

From the debate the following issues arouse;

As a result the debate, the association’s constitution will be distributed to committee members together with the minutes of this meeting (11th September 2006), to facilitate a debate to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Trustees and the committee members.

There was also a review of DCA events held this year. The first being Doxey Day, where it was expressed that, there should be an improvement in the selecting a suitable date and advertising of the event, and also assess the possibilities of a bar (including obtaining a limited license). The day could also possibly involve a cadet’s band. Other events discussed included the Mother Goose Pantomime, and the august committee meeting which involved an open invitation to Doxey residents. Overall it was felt that Doxey events required better advertising and marketing.

Future events in Doxey:

It was suggested that there should be more events for 9 – 11 years age group. Activities could include, Art, Drama the pantomime scheduled for April 2007, and the Etrurian Café theatre workshops. It was suggested that such events could be advertised at the school.

The Doxey Parish Council will meet with representatives from The Stafford Borough Council and the Staffordshire County Council regarding the extension of the Doxey Primary of School play fields to include play fields behind the Doxey Primary School.

It was noted that some time be set aside during the monthly meeting for the discussion of future Doxey events.

Financial Report:

The current financial position of the DCA is as follows:


Items Balance c/fwd Oustanding Ear Balance



Commitments Marked Funds












Mikron Payment for the June 2006 performance





Senior Citizens Party





Payment to Church for Mikron Sept Performance










Life Support





Doxey Day Proceeds





Etrurian Café Theatre proceeds










The grant of £1370 for the Life Support programme had been split as follows, £410 on equipment, £500 on advertising, £360 on hiring of the Hall, £100 on refreshments.

It was suggested that the printing of the Doxey Times could be done through Doxey Parish Council.



Blackpool Trip:

A total of 36 people attended the trip. Despite the rain the trip was enjoyed by all, as David Hughes received calls of thanks. There were enquires about future Blackpool trips next year, which is schedules to be part of DCA activities in the forthcoming year. For this to happen the following should be considered, with 36 people attending, this was 13 people short of a full coach, which would allow a £195 discount to be obtained, thus reducing the price of the trip to £10.50 per person.


Forthcoming Events:

Etrurian Café theatre workshops:

There are 9 hours of workshop time offered by Etruria. The workshops have been scheduled to run on Saturdays’ in November.

Mikron “Mrs. Brunel”:

The performance of Mrs. Brunel will be on Sunday the 24th of September at 2pm, at Saint Andrews and Thomas Church Hall. David Hughes has offered to help with the refreshments. It has been agreed that there will be no charge for Mikron instead seek donations of £4 - £5 from the audience.

Clear Out Day:

This will be coordinated by Mike Turner on Sunday the 1st of October from 1pm – 3:30pm at the William Sutton Centre. Either Joan Moore or Michelle will open the William Sutton Centre on the day. Residents attending the clear out day are being advised not to bring paint, oil and electrical goods.

Senior Citizen Christmas Meal:

DCA are currently looking for an organizer for the Christmas meal. This will be advertised in the Doxey Times.

Reallocation of Life Support Project:

The next life support course will be held on Tuesday 19th of September. As the funding for the programme has run out, it was proposed and seconded, that extra funding for the project should be sort by the DCA. The chairman will obtain the necessary grant application forms. Darshan (who runs the programme) will be approached to see if there are other courses he can undertake.

A co-coordinator for the life support project will be required, and advertised in the Doxey times

Youth forum:

There was no report from the Youth forum.


Report from the Parish Council:

Parish Plan:

The Parish plan is still in progress. The 3D model of Doxey was put on display in the church on Saturday9th September and Sunday 10th September 2006, 40 to 50 people attended, this included a few new Doxey residence.


Policing in Doxey now and in the future:

A meeting will be held on Tuesday 26th of September 2006 at 6pm with Juliet Prince.


Doxey Times:

Items to be included on the Doxey Times are as follows;

Doxey Youth club helpers required, to help with organizing.

Doxey Pantomime advertising for helpers

Coffee mornings

Clear out day


Road Protestors:

Leaflets on the campaign against the expansion of the M6, and post cards addressed to Douglas Alexander MP Secretary of State for Transport.

It was suggested that a representative from GAME and representative from Council should be invited to Doxey to hold a public meeting, involving the community association and the DPC (Doxey Parish Council). This meeting will be held for 30 mins to 1 hour, where the guests will be invited to debate on the pros and cons of the expansion of the M6.

Partnership Plus:

Invitation to the AGM to take place on 18 September 2006, at the Gate House at 4:45pm beginning with a buffet, and 5:30 pm meeting will begin for 1 -11/2 hours.

David Hughes has put himself forward for the meeting


Leaflet on Victoria Pleasure Grounds, events held on 9 – 10 of September 2006.

Heritage open days:

Open day held between 7 – 10 September 2006, for heritage sights around Staffordshire.


Skills Base:

Voluntary and Community Learning, providing workshops on

Customer Care

Principles of Manual Handling 25th of September 2006

Food hygiene 26th of September 2006

Fire Marshal training 3rd of October 2006

Firm Footing and Biodiversity magazine with topics including:

Energy Issues, Cycling and the planned cyclist way in Stafford.

Leaflets on Social Care & Health:

Leaflets on the Recruitment and Awareness Open Day 22nd September 10am – 3pm at St Georges Hospital


Any Other Business:

Walsall Illuminations:

The trip is being organised by David Hughes, 10 people have registered an interest in the attending the illuminations. A Happy Day coach will be booked; the preferred dates are 14th October, or Sunday 22nd October. The coach departs Stafford at 17:00, and departs Walsall at 21:30. The Price for coach tickets are Adults £7, Senior citizens £6.50, Children £5.50. This price does not include the entrance into the Illuminations.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday the 11th October 2006 at 7pm at the William Sutton Centre

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