Doxey Community Association

Minutes of meeting held on 8th December 2004

Present: Nigel Barnett (NB), Hannah Burgess (HB), John Corcoran (JC), Isabella Davies (ID), Michele Elliott (ME), Sue Fox (SF), Sally Hems (SH), Sarah Jessop (SJ), Helen Moore (HM), Joan Moore (JM), Stephen Moore (SM), John Perks (JP), Pat Perks (PP), Barbara Simpson (BS), Mike Tripp (MTr), Mike Turner (MT), Alistair Wray (AW), Michael Wright (MW)


Apologies: Joyce Beach, Tom Beach, Susan Corcoran, Jackie D'Arcy, Jane Essex, Gill Smith and John Smith


1. Minutes of the meeting held on 10th November 2004

Approved as a true record.

2. Matters arising

Anti-social behaviour Following on-going issues with cyclists AW suggested setting up an out-of-school cycling proficiency group; JM will investigate if this is already done at the primary school. ME had spoken to our Community Beat Officers about problems experienced by some residents and they have promised to step up patrols when possible, people were asked to keep a note of when they saw officers to monitor this. Stafford Rotary had contacted JM to inform the DCA of a stone-throwing incident whilst Santa was in Doxey on 6th December, they were forced to leave and were concerned this would lead to disappointment for some young families. The procession went onto the Ridgeway but it was not apparent that children were behaving badly, but left Brooklime Gardens as the crowd caused problems. PC Croft will try to be in Doxey when they return on the 20th December and will be invited to talk to DCA about new Anti-social behaviour legislation. Other incidents reported included footballs being kicked directly at a number of vehicles. People were asked to remain vigilant and keep a log of incidents including dates and times and particularly names if they are known.

Parish Council Campaign No progress has been made on this, but an existing parish clerk will be invited to speak at the January meeting about the roles and responsibilities of a parish council.

Post Office Survey Stafford General Post Office should not be affected by the closure programme featured in the press and it was decided that in the New Year SJ and SM would develop and conduct a survey of a sample of houses in the village to gather information about the effect of the closure of Doxey Post Office.

Sustainable Development Charter JM distributed the document and requested signed copies be returned to the next meeting.

3. Village Voices Project (Mikron)

We should receive £24 000 to our bank account by 13th December 2004 to enable us to begin the project, a further £8000 is needed and JM is currently making applications to other funders, such as the Co-op. The steering group have met with Mikron and the Doxey performance will take place at the end of April/early May before touring the country from June. Mikron will return to Doxey on 17th January to talk to people about the history of the area and to gather stories, which could be featured in the play. Please pass your details to JM or BS if you would like to be involved, they need approximately 20 people. A plea was made for people with enthusiasm and/or skills to become involved in the workshops that will be facilitated by Mikron and other local artists and experts after the New Year.

4 Training Courses in Doxey

The Christmas Decoration course was poorly attended on 7th December, but will run again on the 14th, appeals were made for people to take items and support the next session. ME said it was a fun evening with useful ideas and a good teacher. The computer course at the school has 8 people and is going well, it consists a number of exercises, which can be worked through individually with a tutor on hand to help when required. Yoga and watercolours groups continue to be popular but no date has been confirmed for the Family Tree group to start. For full details of courses see

5 Proposed programme 2004

Lights Switch on The Doxey Arms have agreed to host this years Christmas Tree, DCA have provided a tree and lights and the Doxey Arms will pay for electricity. The switch on will happen at 6pm on Friday 10th December with carols around the tree (Geoff Moore will play guitar and church will provide carol sheets) followed by mince pies in the pub, everyone is invited. The church carol service will take place as normal on Sunday 19th December - all are welcome and the school carol concert will be on Monday 20th December but entry is ticket only.

6 Doxey Times

The following subjects were suggested for inclusion in the January issue:

Our first advertisement for an oven cleaning service

Post Office survey awareness raising

Village Voices

Thank Rotary and explain which good causes benefit from the money

Advertise Parish council Speaker at the next meeting

Interview with/welcome the vicar

Information about the Patients Forum

Christmas Card recycling collection points (see AOB)

7. Youth Forum

SF thanked ME for the use of the William Sutton Centre for their last meeting. Six people attended, including SF. Issues raised included concerns about school transport costs and a driver leaving pupils at a bus stop on one occasion. The transport bill is still being debated and David Kidney MP continues to support the group. Problems with the bike sheds continue and a letter will be sent from the DCA to Robert Simpson (our County Councillor and portfolio holder for the environment) about the issues, it is unacceptable that damage is continuing and the only solution suggested by the head teacher is for prefects to leave lessons early and supervise pupils as they remove their bikes at the end of school. The Borough Council will receive a copy of the letter as they encourage alternative transport and the problem could lead to increased car use. The leisure barn remains a priority, David Kidney MP has arranged for a business advisor to help the group in their campaign and fund raising, he will attend the next Youth Forum meeting. It was re-iterated that the Forum wish to be involved in the Village Voices project. The next Forum meeting will be on 10th January at the Church.

8 Correspondence

The William Sutton Housing Association is currently under going an audit re their Charter Mark status (award given to agencies for good customer service and partnership working with contractors, suppliers, etc.) DCA have been asked to contribute to the Doxey audit, JM will be our representative. We also received details of other Community and Residents Associations operating where William Sutton have properties to enable us to make contact and offer support to each other if or when necessary.

Community Matters sent details of their 2005 AGM, the matter will be discussed at the next meeting and an appropriate representative identified to attend if applicable

9 Any Other Business

JM and BS are meeting SDVS on 13th December to discuss the implications of charitable status

The cost of some bus journeys on the Number 6 service is different depending on the bus and the driver, it appears some machines have not yet been updated!

As Christmas Cards cannot be placed in the green doorstep-recycling containers people were urged to recycle them at Tesco or WH Smith, SJ is investigating the possibility of obtaining recycling containers from the Community Council to be placed in locations throughout Doxey so that people can leave their cards there and have them collected and recycled centrally. The issue will be included in Doxey Times with details of the location of boxes.

A letter of thanks will be sent to Mark Smith as a sign of appreciation for his hard work on the older peoplesí Christmas lunch this year, DCA gave £70 towards the event and reports have been that the meal and activities were excellent and well received.

10 Date of next meeting

Wednesday, 12th January 2005 at 7.00 pm at the Sutton Centre