Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on December 14th 2005

Present: Nigel Barnett, Hannah Burgess, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Claire Gaisford, Sally Hems Joan Moore, Stephen Moore, John Perks, Pat Perks, Denise Peel, Barbara Simpson, Gill Smith, John Smith, Mark Smith, Mike Turner, Adrian Venables.

Apologies: Jane Essex

Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of the last meeting held on the 10th November 2005 were agreed as a correct record.

Matters arising

Neighbourhood watch PP reported on the Brooklime Gardens scheme. They had been receiving regular information from the police. This concerned crime in other parts of Stafford. JM reported that a co-ordinator was ready to get started in the town end of Doxey, but was waiting for more information. There was no report of action at the other end of Doxey.


Christmas tree exhibition. SC reported. About 60 people had visited the exhibition over the three days, about half at the event on the Sunday evening. Unfortunately, there had been difficulties with the youth forum tree, but Adrian’s efforts in getting the outside tree up were much appreciated. It had been generally felt to be a worthwhile effort. £300 had been raised for the Church’s charity for street children in Colombia. The meeting was reminded of the carol service next Sunday and carols round the Christmas tree on the 21st.

Digital photography

JM reported on the activity so far. The third, trouble shooting session, will take place on 14th January. JM will discuss with Mike Day whether to start a new course or take the existing group further on. Thanks are due to Mike for what he has done so far.

Life support course

23 people have now done the full range of training. These included a number of people who have not previously taken part in any DCA activity. The next session is on resuscitating adults and older children, on 29 December.

Parish council

NB gave a report of activities of the parish council. The most notable had been the drop-in for the parish plan. As a result Mike Turner had now taken on the role of "champion". He gave an account of how he saw the plan developing. He was beginning to identify a number of people who would form a steering committee and it was hoped to have a first meeting early in January. He spoke about the three dimensional map which the schoolchildren were to make and hoped that some outcome of this exercise could be presented to them before the end of the summer term.

Senior citizens’ Christmas Party

65 people attended. It was reported to have been well enjoyed by all. Mark Smith was thanked for the work which he and his team had put in. It was noted that Mark would probably be away at the time the next party was due and a new organiser would probably have to be found. There was some discussion of earlier activities of this kind at the church.


JS gave a report on the current position. The pantomime has been cast for the most part with about 20 people taking part, but the addition of parts for children might mean another 20 people would have an acting part. The first performance would be on 21 April. JM is busy seeking grants, with a total expenditure of £6000 envisaged and a maximum audience of 600 over two (three?) performances. It was noted that Sheila Ball would co-ordinate productions of costumes, but some help with design was still needed. It was suggested that there might be students at Stafford College who could help. NB said he would make some enquiries.

Visit of Rotary’s Santa Claus

This had gone off without hitch. The presence of DCA members was helpful. It had been possible to forestall trouble by talking to some of the youths who were around. The visit was well received by many children in Doxey and their parents. The absence of our local police officer was due to his inability rather than unwillingness to be there. However, it was pointed out that it shouldn’t be necessary to have the police in attendance at every event such as this.


Forward planning

The following events are expected to take place next year.

Pantomime - 21 April

Clear-out days - April and October, dates to be fixed by MT

Plant sale - 6 or 13 May

AGM - 19 May

Trip to Blackpool - September or October, date to be arranged by discussion between Dave Hughes and likely participants

Social event in place of an August DCA meeting

Doxey Day

Doxey Day had been discussed at previous meetings. The idea would be to have a whole day or even two-day event which would include the fun day and some kind of fete, with all Doxey organisations contributing to planning and organisation. Further discussion to take place at the January meeting of the DCA.

Doxey Times

The following items were suggested.

Request for more deliverers, possibly listing areas where they are required

Thanks for the Christmas party - and possible request for an organiser next year

Continuing activities: DCA, Friendship Group, PC, life support.

Possibly an item about bus passes for people with disability

A report from the meeting about youth activities (See Correspondence)

It was noted that the item about bus passes was relevant to all of Stafford and not just Doxey. A letter to one of the local papers could be useful.


(a) A letter had been received from the parish council inviting the DCA to send a representative to a meeting to discuss possible youth activities in Doxey. It was suggested that Tunga might be able to attend.

(b) Training opportunities

(c) Community Matters newsletter with lots of ideas and helpful suggestions for community groups. JM asked whether anyone would be prepared to receive this in future and report on items which might be of special interest to DCA.

(d) Walkwise. Notification of walks arranged for the next three months.


Youth forum

There was nothing to report. It was not know whether the request for new members which had been put in Doxey Times had got any response.


Date of next meeting

Wednesdays, 11 January 2006

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