Doxey Community Association


Minutes of the meeting held on 8th February 2006

Attended by: Denise Peel, Adrian Venables, Gill Smith, Mike Turner, David Hughes, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, John Perks, Pat Perks, Barbara Simpson, Tunga Mazangaza

Apologies: John Peel, Joan Moore, Stephen Moore, Hannah Burgess, Claire Gaisford, Nigel Barnett, Joyce Beach.

Gill Smith took the chair. Gill spoke of Tom Beach, his contribution to the whole community and to the Community Association of which he was a founder member. She expressed the DCA's condolences to Joyce and to their family.

Minutes from the meeting held on 11th January 2006

Date of Meeting: Should be 11th not 14th, also Denise Peel did not attend but sent apologies.

Parish Council; Delete (24/06/06) re refuse

Matter Arising

Fun Day will now be held in conjunction with Doxey day.

Date for Blackpool trip; David Hughes said he did not mind re-organising this again. Some people wanted the trip to be a little earlier in the year, but the first 4 days of the lights are very busy. 18 people had made definite bookings, so far. David suggested that this should be advertised in Doxey Times, in May and or June. The cost of the trip would be 」 9. 50 Children, 」11.50 Senior Citizens/ Students, 」14.50 Adult. 49 people required in order to book a bus and obtain a 」200 deduction.

Speakers for the AGM

Suggestions include: A general theme of environmental awarenesss, prospective speakers include Environment Street Scene, and Local Agenda 21.

Ongoing events

Coffee mornings, a notice to be advertised in the Doxey Times, stating that all are welcome to coffee mornings. PP

Digital Photography: SC The next course will be on taking portraits. Saturdays seems to be the best option. There is a potential for forming a photography club.

Life Support: JS Choking session was quite a success. 10 people attended.

Next course will be on resuscitating adults, on the 14th or 16th of February

Mother Goose:

John, Anita and Mike Beach would be meeting Mike Lucas in Marsden on 11th February to discuss direction. Act 2 rehearsals to commence at the end of February.

John has prepared a model of the stage. Rob Belcher, Richard Turner and Alan would be building a stage extension. The backdrop would be the Village Voices backdrop painted over. Denise and Anita to buy fabrics for costumes.

The following funds have been received: Awards for all 」 900 Stafford County Council 」600 Doxey Parish Council 」500

Clear Out day:

The date for the clear out date has been set for 23rd April. It has been suggested that, the Clear Out Day be advertised during the pantomime production on the 21st and 22nd of April 2006. A lorry to help with removal of large items is no longer required, instead, Gill Smith suggested, that assistance may be obtain from Annabel who has previously helped with removals. The furniture exchange has also been suggested to assist will the moving of large items.

Plant Sale

The 9th of May 2006 has been suggested for holding this event. Venue TBA

Doxey Day;

More people are required for planning the day. It has been suggested that, the group be ready by the next DCA meeting on the 8th of March. The proposed dates for the Doxey day are the 10th or 17th of June. The suggested venues include, the Three Tuns Garden, and Doxey House.

The DCA contribution to the day should include, serving of snacks, providing usher, for the Mikron Performance.

Parish Council: NB and DH

There have been further developments in securing the Universal suite for the Parish Council. A meeting was held between the UCM Management and the DPC. The proposed uses for the Universal suite include, a post office, a nursery and play group, as well as a function room, and a leisure bar.

Youth Forum: (Adrian Venables)

At the last meeting held by the Youth forum, issues raised include:

The bus services to Doxey and the lack of low rise buses, particularly for the young mothers.

The future of the Youth Forum: New members are required and a search has begun for new members, from year 9 and above. Existing members will decide on their trip.

Youth work:

The five a side football is progressing well. The Beaconside indoor facility has been suggested, at a charge of 」15 per head.

Meeting dates:

The next meeting date has been changed to 15th of March. It has been suggested that, the Youth Forum meeting be held immediately before the DCA meeting, so that any issue raised are forwarded promptly to DCA

Youth club

At a meeting of the youth club group the following rules were agreed:

Respect for each other, respect for the leader, respect for property , no bad language

A fee of 50p per week will be payable in advance

There will be a maximum of 25 young people in each group.. Meeting will be held in the church hall on 2 different nights - Juniors 8 to 11 years Seniors 12 to 16 years

Activities include pool and table tennis


A grant application has been made to Lloyds TSB.

Nigel to arrange meeting with other people who have set up clubs before e.g. David Adams.

Staffordshire county council, has purchased a youth bus, it may come to Doxey once, but more time will be spent in the rural areas

Doxey Times

Youth theatre production …Feather Boy from Gill Smith

Parish Plan

Life Support

Next Edition, February and March will be combined


Stafffordshire Borough Council Eileen Skelton, will attend the reception with HRH as our representative.

Walkwise leaflets for February/March.

Date of next meeting Wednesday 8th March at 7pm.

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