Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 12th January 2005

Present: Nigel Barnett, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Isabella Davies, Michelle Elliot, Richard Essex, Sue Fox, Sarah Jessop, Sally Hems, David Hughes, Joan Moore, Stephen Moore, John Perks, Pat Perks, Barbara Simpson, Gill Smith, Terrence Strickland, Mike Turner, Adrian Venables, Michael Wright

Apologies: Joyce Beach, Tom Beach, Hannah Burgess, Jane Essex, Claire Gaisford

Minutes of the meeting held on 8th December 2004

Approved as a correct record

2. Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 8th December 2004

Anti Social Behaviour The Express and Star (12/01/05) had reported more incidents of motorcycle riding in the area and that there is to be a police crackdown. Riders seen at the weekend had come by car and were therefore unlikely to be local people and others had told residents they had permission from the landowner. Lord Stafford owns the land and is unlikely to have granted permission himself. It is to be investigated with the farmer to establish the true situation.

Post Office Survey The letter and draft survey were circulated during the meeting. It aims to establish current post office usage to demonstrate that some level of service is still required in Doxey. A number of comments were shared about inadequate service at the General Post Office in Stafford town centre and the cost involved in travelling to town. People were urged to make formal contact with SM to report such issues. SM and Doxey Times deliverers will distribute 104 (1 in 10 households) forms. Forms to be returned to the William Sutton Centre. A further collection point will be at the church. A return by date (by the end of January) will be added to the covering letter.

Christmas Card Recycling Competition The box at the William Sutton Centre is already full and will be emptied on the evening of the 12/01/05. All cards must be collected and weighed and a signed weight form returned to the Community Council by the end of the month.

Training Courses All current courses will resume next week (week beginning 17th January), no additional classes have been arranged as yet.

Parish Council Mary Booth, the Chief Executive of Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association is arranging a speaker for our February meeting.

William Sutton Housing Association Ltd. Congratulations were passed on to the WSHA on their success in achieving Charter Mark status.

Christmas Party A letter of thanks was sent to Mark Smith for organising the popular and successful event.

3. Doxey Community Association Constitution

It was felt that as the Community Association and its role had grown over time and the amount of funds it was handling had increased. Therefore it would now be wise to apply for charitable status. This will open up new opportunities for funding and grants and will involve the development of a new constitution. A model constitution suggested by the Charity Commission was used and the objects recommended by Community Matters were adapted to fit our own aims and objectives. The implications of charitable status and our responsibilities were highlighted. A number of other points were raised and discussed and the decision was taken to formally adopt the constitution. The current honorary members (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) will sign the document.

4. Youth Forum

A Youth Forum meeting had taken place on 10th January 2005. The main issue at this meeting was the leisure barn. John Ryan, a business advisor had attended the meeting. He recommended that ideas should be put down on paper and a sketch of the facilities be prepared by the end of January. A business plan and formal presentation would need to be produced and skills of local individuals identified. Decisions would also have to be made about how the company would run, and whether there would be a membership fee, for example. Anyone who knows people with relevant skills should get in touch with the Forum. The existing youth service provision was acknowledged but the leisure barn would provide services to the people of Doxey on an entirely different level. JM requested that the presentation be given to the Community Association so all members are aware of the plans and ideas.

5. Village Voices

A further award of £1500 has been received from the County Council Arts Development Scheme. Mikron are visiting on the 7th, 8th and 9th of February and will return on the 23rd and 24th to speak to people about memories and folklore over the last 100 years of our history. Workshops on history and archiving have already begun; others are planned on technical skills (see Richard Essex), set design and music (see Geoff Moore). There will be an intensive series of workshops during the Easter holidays. The launch of the national play will take place in Doxey on Saturday 11th June 2005, the venue is yet to be confirmed.

6. Programme for 2005

Plans will be made as the year progresses. MT will organise Clear-Out days for the year and will liase with JM to arrange dates. The Community Association thanked SH for the commemorative plate she had made to mark our 2004 Stafford Borough Green Award, which features the Doxey Ducks.

7. Doxey Times

The February edition will feature Village Voices, information about the Parish Council, an article about a local resident and one from our Community Beat Officer. There will be a feature about the motorbike issues and three people have approached SM to request advertising space. It is anticipated that it will be a double issue (equivalent to four sides of A4). It is intended that it will be printed and distributed by 28th January.

8. Correspondence

No correspondence has been received since the last meeting

9. Any Other Business

The land by the Football pitch near The Drive has been over-used, it is currently a mud bath and is in very poor condition. It was requested that a proper path be put in place. It is understood that the land belongs to the Universal factory; enquiries will be made to the County Council to establish the status of the right of way. TS highlighted that 2005 is the year of the volunteer and this could be an opportunity for local people to help their community; he will bring a leaflet to the next meeting. SM also believed the Ramblers Association could help.

So far attempts to restart the children’s clubs have been unsuccessful. SCVYS have been contacted to organise insurance for the drop in sessions and an update will be given at the next meeting.

10. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 9th February 2005 at 7pm at the Sutton Centre