Doxey Community Association


Minutes of meeting held on 11th January 2006

Present: Nigel Barnett, Hannah Burgess, Jane Essex, Claire Gaisford, Sally Hems, Joan Moore (chair), Stephen Moore, Tunga Muzangaza (secretary), John Perks, Pat Perks, Denise Peel, Barbara Simpson, Mike Tuner, Adrian Venables.

Amy from the newsletter was also present

Apologies: Gill Smith, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Sue Fox, Tom and Joyce Beach.

Minutes of meeting held on 14th December were approved. There were no matters arising.

Forward planning:

The following dates were agreed:

Clear out day 23rd April 2006

Plant Sale 6th May 2006

AGM 10th May 2006

Doxey Day 10th June or 17th June

Fun Day August

Blackpool trip August/September

Clear out day October

It was suggested that this be a joint Doxey event organised by Church, School, Playgroup, DCA, Friendship group, PTA, and other Doxey organisations.

Members offered ideas for Doxey day which include;

A clear out, cafe, musicians, photographic display, displays of life support course, walk around Doxey (beating the bounds), family camp, a display of local farm produce, craft display, pet show, bike repairs display, display/presence by Street Scene, Mikron performance followed by BBQ.

Contact other Doxey group for Doxey Day Joan Moore

Contact Mikron Jane Essex

Events would take place at a variety of venues in Doxey and a programme would be needed to enable people to visit a number of events.


Membership of DCA:

The annual membership fee of 50p was collected from all committee members by the treasurer.


The rehearsals are progressing well.

In terms of funding, the fund received amount to 600 from Staffordshire County Council Community Arts Fund and 300 from DCA funds. The Doxey parish Council had invited the DCA to apply to it for a grant. The application was being considered.

Other funds bodies approached include Lloyds TSB, Awards for All, the Portman Building Society and the Midlands Coop.

Parish Council report

Nigel Barnett reported that the civic communities lorry would help clear out/ remove large items of refuse on 24th April 2006

The Doxey Community Police will log the time each visit is made to Doxey by posting a leaflet through doors of selected residents.

The Parish Council is setting up a five a side football league, for Doxey young people

Youth Forum

Adrian Venables reported that a meeting of the Youth Forum had been arranged with Sue Fox on Monday 23rd January at the Church. DCA members would be welcome to attend.

It was suggested that the DCA recognise the contribution made by Youth Forum members during 2005 and it was agreed that DCA would fund an outing of their choice, This would be discussed at their meeting.

Life Support:

The next session will be held on the 12/01/2005 at the church hall. This will be on resuscitating children and infants.

Pat and John to provide refreshments

Digital photography course

Next session will be held at the Church on 14th January. At this session Mike participants will bring the photographs they have taken and Mike will help with difficulties/discoveries in their use of software.

Doxey Times

Calendar of Events Youth Form From Adrian Venable and Nigel Barnett Advertise the position of treasurer to the DCA.

Assistance with delivery of the times

Any other business

Mike Turner is leading the construction of the Doxey Parish Plan. He announced a meeting of all residents who are interested in taking part. The meeting will be at the church on 25th January 2005.

All Doxey organisations are being encouraged to take part and children at Doxey Primary School will be working on a 3 dimensional map of Doxey, which will be used in the consultation process

Next Meeting:

8th of February 2006 at 7pm at the Sutton Centre


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