Doxey Community Association

Minutes of meeting held on 14th July 2004

Present: Sam, Nick, Yas, Lee, Nathan, Michael, Lewis, Joyce Beach Tom Beach, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Michele Elliott, Sally Hems, Dave Hughes, Joan Moore, John Perks, Pat Perks, Barbara Simpson, lain Simpson, Eileen Skelton, Gill Smith, Mike Turner, Alistair Wray

1 Apologies Rob Belcher, Sue Fox, Claire Gaisford, Sally Jessop, Stephen Moore, Adrian Venables, Dan Wood

2 Minutes of the meeting held on 9th June 2004 were approved as a correct record

3 Matters arising

(i) Anti-social behaviour

MT had applied for a place on the PEP course on tackling anti-social behaviour but the course had been heavily oversubscribed.

AW suggested that the lack of facilities for young people in Doxey could be linked to some anti-social behaviour. The young people at the meeting asked for the help of the DCA in getting the football pitch at the end of Greensome Close back into use. At present they reported that there were deep holes on the pitch, it was badly littered and the grass had not been cut. They needed somewhere to play football etc. during the summer holidays. They offered their help in restoring the pitch. AW offered his help and to enlist the help of some parents. It was agreed that JM would speak to council officers, explain the situation and seek help in restoring the field. There was the possibility that there were dangerous materials on the field at present and it was advised that the young people wait until a council officer had seen the field before doing anything themselves. JM would report to AW before the weekend and to the next meeting. The meeting welcomed the approach that the young people had taken and thanked them.

All Doxey residents were urged to report non-emergency incidents of anti-social behaviour, including vandalism to our local Community Beat Officers on 234936.

(ii) Parish Council

We are still waiting to hear from the office of the Deputy Prime Minister

(iii) Stafford Borough Green Awards

On Wednesday 16th June a group of DCA members and Mr Solly planted the oak tree which had been awarded to the DCA in 2003, in the grounds of Doxey Primary School. Mr Solly then took members on a tour of the school. An application has been submitted on behalf of the DCA for a Green Award for 2004.


4 Youth Forum

The Youth Forum met on Wednesday 7th July with Ellie McClelland and Alison Dickens to discuss their media project. The meeting was also attended by 4 other members of the DCA. The Forum decided to work on making a virtual seating/garden area which could then be realised at an agreed location. They are meeting again this evening to begin the project.

5 Computer Access in Doxey

Stafford College have responded to our appeal for some public computer facility by negotiating with the school to host computer courses. The College are currently researching demand in Doxey for the whole range of FE and leisure courses and locations. The UCM premises are another possible venue.

6 Website

This has been running since the beginning of July and has recently been extended to include photographs. lain Simpson, the webmaster, appealed for information on local organisations to be passed to him. Local non-profit making organisations are not charged. Businesses pay 25.

7 Mikron Visit

The Theatre weekend had been a success. The preliminary evaluation indicated that most of those attending were from Doxey and that everyone had enjoyed the performances. There were many appreciative comments on the acting, the versatility of the actors and the variety within each of the performances. However there were some negative comments on the timing of the event - at the beginning of a half-term weekend. JM and JE will visit the Arts Council tomorrow, 15th July, to discuss the resubmission of the bid to fund the larger theatre project.

8 Doxey Day

Plans were well advanced. The organisation of the event will be a joint effort by the DCA and the church. Doxey organisations had agreed to 'do their own thing'. There will be a number of displays, celebrating the activities in Doxey and recruiting supporters, stalls and competitions. The Church will have a display(JC. SC.) and serve refreshments (GS plus team). The DCA will have a display about the Coffee Morning (JP, PP.) Parish Council Campaign, (SM) the Mikron weekend (JE) Doxey Website (IS) Greetings cards (SH.). PTA, Playgroup, Friendship Group Doxey Archive, Whist Club, Heraldry Society, the Rambling Group, Guides, Ethnic foods, Mother and Toddlers, the Primary Care Trust and the Community Council of Staffordshire

The party tent will be erected on the grass outside.

The press has already been informed.

There are no overhead costs for the event and it is not a fundraising effort. Organisations can keep any money they take from their activity and/or they can make a donation to the church/DCA as they see fit.

Dave Marsden will be invited to open the event.

The church will be open at 10.30 am on Saturday.


9 Fun Day 14th August 2004

Plans are well advanced. PP has applied to the Community Champions fund for money to cover prizes, an entertainer and insurance. PP asked for volunteers to do specific jobs on the day and took names of the volunteers. It was proposed that DCA take out one off day public liability Insurance at a cost of 55, to cover the event. This was agreed. JM to organise. The Party tent would be erected.

10 Doxey Times

The July edition was printed be the William Sutton Housing Association. They have agreed to print future editions. The cost of 25 per edition is a considerable saving for the DCA and a letter of thanks will be sent to the Housing Association. The DCA will be invoiced quarterly.

Some items to be included in the August edition:

Fun Day

Football pitch

Visit of the Bishop of Lichfield 1st Aug.

Sunday bus service from beginning of September.

Report on Doxey Day.

College courses in Doxey.

11 Correspondence

(i) Neighbours SBC magazine to Council tenants - congratulations to DH for his service to Army cadets

(ii) Marsh Warblings and info on the Doxey Marshes open Day Sunday 18th July

(iii) SDVS promoting a course on legal responsibilities of management committees. This would be held on 5th November 2004. This is an important opportunity for us to to prepare for charitable status. It was agreed that JM would attend and DCA would provide the 50 course fee.

(iv) It was agreed that DCA renew membership of the Community Council of Staffordshire. BS to find out if that fee covered our membership of Playaway. If it did not she would renew DCA's Playaway membership.

12 Any Other Business

There were no other items of business

13 Date of next meeting.

The next meeting would be a social event held on Wednesday 11th August. DH to organise.