Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 13th July 2005

Present: Nigel Barnett, Tom Beach, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Isabella Davies, Sally Hems, David Hughes, Sarah Moody (SMo), Joan Moore, Stephen Moore (SM), Denise Peel, John Peel, John Perks, Pat Perks, Darshan S Seehra, Mike Turner, Alistair Wray

Apologies: Michelle Elliot, Sue Fox, Barbara Simpson

Minutes of the meeting held on 8th June 2005

Approved as a correct record

2. Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 8th June 2005

Clear Out Day A gentleman from Highfields who visited Doxey and saw the advert for the cot in Doxey Times came and took it away. SM reported that he has found information on a similar scheme based in Stoke-On-Trent and a web-based initiative; he will give a full report at the September meeting

Green Award An application, similar to those in previous years (with additional information about Village Voices) has been submitted

Litter Pickers Those who requested litter pickers at the last meeting can collect them from JM

3. Youth Forum

No one was in attendance to give a full report, however the group have been unable to meet due to exams and participation in taster courses.

4. Life Support Project

Dr Darshan Seehra, who lives on The Ridgeway in Doxey, presented an initiative to the group. In response to concerns that there is little for young adults to do in Doxey, he felt energies could be channelled into a positive activity and offered to provide (with support from other local qualified professionals, including his wife who is a nurse) basic life support training, based on a tried and tested methodical approach of teaching. It would be a one off session (one to two hours long, depending upon numbers) in which people aged over 16 (but will include mature 12-16 year olds) learn how to give mouth-to-mouth and use the recovery position, etc (it will run more than once on different dates in response to demand, refresher sessions are also recommended). The course will be certificated, which will boost confidence and look impressive on a CV. Funding advice has been provided by neighbours; employed by the County Council and Community Council. The meeting gave the idea its full support and JM suggested setting up a working group once funding was secured. This group will include young people to ensure that promotion is done in the most appropriate way to attract them. SC, DP and SMo offered to be involved in this group; others said they would attend a class. It was suggested that sessions be held in both main community locations, the Church and the William Sutton Centre to attract a wider audience.

5. Parish Council

The Parish Council are already achieving great things, including arranging for lights to be fixed in Broadmeadow Croft and enabling the re-starting of the summer play scheme, which will operate during the summer holidays at the school. There will be three sessions per day for four weeks. The next meeting of the Parish Council will be in mid-August.

6. Report on Village Voices

The event was very well attended, by about 180 people. Mikron were happy with the way everything went and have since done a number of performances in the South Midlands where it was received very well. Everyone agreed that they had enjoyed it and that the show was a credit to Mikron and to Doxey. BS will give a full financial report at the September meeting now that all documentation has been sent to and approved by Arts Council England, West Midlands. A car share is available to see the other Mikron show, Wheel of Fortune in High Offley on the 24th August. Six people have expressed their interest so far and anyone else wishing to attend should contact JM.

7. Programme for 2005

Fun day will take place on Saturday 20th August. No additional equipment is required, but SC will look into whether the church has a Parachute. PP and JP asked for volunteers to help supervise on the day, parents have also been invited to attend. NB offered the help of some students who will be staying with him at the time. Help is particularly needed with the putting up of the party tent at around midday. The police have been asked to attend and they have said they hope to join in!

DH has 18 interested, 10 definites and 8 people who have paid deposits for the trip to Blackpool Illuminations. He is hopeful that by the end of the month there will be more interest, but if numbers are limited, those who have paid deposits and expressed keen interest will be able to attend a coach company organised trip instead, to avoid disappointment.

The next Clear Out Day will take place on the 2nd October. Volunteers were asked to attend to help MT

8. Doxey Times

Blackpool Illuminations trip

Play scheme

Fun day reminder

High Offley trip to see Wheel of Fortune

Advert for the video version of the Village Voices performance

A reminder about summer holiday issues, such as litter dropping and safety

Date of the next Parish Council meeting

Next DCA meeting the social event in August

The playgroup will be approached to see if they would like to advertise in the next issue. ME suggested that small adverts be placed in Doxey Times for unwanted goods as she has had a number of queries about large items of furniture which could be of use to others. This method works well on a notice board at the William Sutton Centre. Alternatively people could call the Furniture Exchange on 01785 606674 for free collection. All information to be included in the August edition should be sent to SM by 22nd July

9. Correspondence

The monthly community matters mailing has arrived with the newsletter, which SM recommended people look at if they want ideas for community action. Also enclosed was a nomination form for the Year of the Volunteer. The closing date for nominations however is 18th July

JM has received a mailing about Connexions, the one-stop shop for young people, anyone wishing to read it should contact JM

JM had also received a letter from SC as treasurer for the Parish Church thanking the Community Association for full payment for the use of the church during the Village Voices rehearsals and performances

10. Any Other Business

AW has asked a number of people whether they would be interested in starting a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (NHW). The response was very positive, but people would like to know what is involved before committing. MT suggested contacting the Staffordshire Police NHW Co-ordinator. ID is a co-ordinator for her street and looks after 20 houses. They monitor any unusual activity and report incidents. SM pointed out that some companies would give a reduction on premiums if you live in a NHW area. JM suggested inviting a NHW representative to speak at an autumn meeting.

There are still very few low-level buses operating on the number 6 route at peak times. NB has enquired and has been advised by the Council that there are no current plans to introduce them on all runs at this time. Residents have questioned why fares have risen so much if there will be no improvement to services. Concerns were also recorded following the closure of Doxey Post Office, increasing the reliance of some people on bus travel into the town centre. SH had seen signs on the buses stating that low-level buses would be operational from 8th May 2005, but they are infrequent and used in the main part on a Sunday when the bus service extends to Telford. JM suggested selecting a day and monitoring the times and types of buses operating

AW suggested a litter pick. This will take place on Monday 8th August. Volunteers to meet at the William Sutton Centre at 6pm, all equipment will be provided (gloves and pickers, etc.)

The church will be open from 11.30 until 12.30 on 14th July for people wishing to remember those killed and injured in the London Bombings. A two-minute silence will be observed at midday

The young people who performed the rap at the beginning of the community performances of Village Voices entered the Stafford Borough Raw Talent Competition and won. The Community Association wish to pass on their thanks and congratulations.

9. Date of next meeting

The social event will take place on Wednesday 10th August 2005. No formal business will be conducted. Refreshments will be organised by DH and SH

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