Doxey Community Association

Minutes of meeting held on 9th June 2004

Present: Joyce Beach (JB), Tom Beach (TB), John Corcoran (JC), Susan Corcoran (SC), Michelle Elliot (ME), Sue Fox (SF), Claire Gaisford (CG), Sally Hems (SH), David Hughes (DH), Sarah Jessop (SJ), Joan Moore (JM), Stephen Moore (SM), John Perks (JP), Pat Perks (PP), Barbara Simpson (BS), Iain Simpson (IS), Eileen Skelton (ES),Gill Smith (GS), Mike Turner (MT), Adrian Venables (AV) and Mr J Solly

Apologies: Jane Essex

1 Minutes of the meeting held on 14th April 2004

    Approved as a true record. JM apologised for not distributing them prior to tonight's meeting.

2 Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on lOth March

Closure of Doxey Post Office The post office closed on 4th May. David Kidney MP is still campaigning and considering possible options for the future. A fresh lobby will be made if/when Doxey obtains Parish status. A cash machine is now available in Bradbury Rise Stores, but there is a 1.50 charge.

Neighbourhood Law and Order Conference Five people from DCA attended the conference. It was interesting that Staffordshire Police are already implementing many of the suggestions made. There is an emphasis on partnership working to combat local crime. MT attended a workshop on Neighbourhood Watch. Five to ten households and a co-ordinator are required to set up a scheme. PC Jane Jepson would be happy to come to a meeting to discuss the issue further if we were interested. Crimestopper information cards are available from ME at the Sutton Centre. A full report can be obtained from SJ or MT.

Anti-social behaviour PC Cassie urged everyone to keep reporting incidents to ensure the police presence remained. Whilst most people had seen more patrol cars very few had seen our Community Beat Officers or police on foot. There was concern that police funds were not being applied where they are needed most, i.e. more beat officers in the community.

 Parish Council Campaign Stafford Borough Council forwarded a letter they received from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) informing them that our petition will be considered as soon as possible.

AGM JM reiterated the need to encourage more Doxey people to attend the meeting.        

3 Computer access in Doxey

JM had a meeting at UCM with Bob Hughes and Stafford College. They are willing to let the community use a room for training courses of any variety. The college will provide free IT training using laptops if there is sufficient demand. DCA needs to research the demand for courses in the area

4 DCA Website

IS is working on the development of a website. Set up costs would be approximately 72.47 with annual running fee of 45.48 plus VAT (this includes access to 100 free e-mail addresses). The site will include information on local organisations and businesses, schools, churches, local history, news and links to other sites. There was a unanimous decision to instruct IS to go ahead. Anyone with contact details of local organisations should contact IS.

5 Clear Out Day

An outstanding success, there was no rubbish left after the event, any remaining items were taken to a local charity shop. There were lots of children at the event, which made it difficult to manage, but there was more waste left at the Three Tuns event last year so JM suggested a Clear Out Day be held at alternate venues as there are pros and cons to each.

6 Red Cross Training

Emily gave a very informative talk but the turn out was disappointing. A suggestion was made to pass details to the drop in and youth forum to establish interest:

7 Litter pick

The Smith and Turner families collected three blue bags of rubbish from the Doxey area on Wednesday 2nd June. The Moores and Simpsons covered the Greensome Close to Conway Road area the following day. Litter Pickers are available from JM if anyone would like to do their area.

8 Mikron Theatre Weekend, 5-7 June

Two plays were performed; On The Line on Saturday and Pedal Power on Sunday, on Monday Mikron visited Doxey primary school. Approximately 80 people attended on Saturday evening (including David Kidney MP) and 70 on Sunday (approximately half were Doxey residents). Half term was thought to have reduced potential audience numbers. Two grants covered the cost of hiring Mikron and tickets and donations raised 307. Sadly the Arts Council turned down the bid for a larger project with Mikron but the steering group will meet at l0am on 12th June at 57 Doxey to evaluate the event and discuss options for the future.

9 Youth Forum

There was a meeting on 7th June with the regular turnout and 3 additional people. It is hoped the new members may have fresh ideas. Main areas discussed were the closure of the post office, Mikron and transport to school. David Kidney MP is supporting the transport appeal. The leisure barn remains a priority, but no action can be taken until the Saint Gobain planning application decision is made in July. The group are taking part in a media project using video, photography and art to illustrate what life is like for a young person living in Doxey. The next meeting will be on 7th July at 6.30 all are welcome and SF would be grateful if DCA could encourage more young people to come along to that. JM suggested a certificate of commendation be provided to young people who have given their time to Doxey for their Record of Achievement files. This was agreed.

10 Guest speaker Mr Solly

Mr Solly retires at the end of this academic year after 20 years as head teacher at Doxey Primary School. He commented on the mix of children being a key strength and the invaluable support of his staff. All are welcome to join a tour of the school, new nursery and oak tree planting ceremony at 4pm on Wednesday 16th June (in recognition of the DCA Green Award and Mr Solly's retirement).

11 Proposed programme 2004

Doxey Day is being held at the Parish Church this year on 17th July. DH will approach the Army Cadet Force Band to establish their availability. JM will ask Mr Solly if he will open proceedings and organisations will be approached to organise stalls. Ideas included face painting, a tombola, a cake stall, fancy dress, a bouncy castle, Playaway equipment and information stands for local organisations.

The Funday will take place on 14th August following the successful format of last year. PP and JP will organise and update the DCA at the next meeting.

12 Doxey Times

The next edition will include information on Doxey Day, a Mikron write up, possibility of courses, the website, anti-social behaviour, congratulations to Mr Solly, a report on tree planting and the youth forum event.

13 Correspondence

Walking For Health programme, for further details contact the coordinator Lynn Clements at Stafford Borough Council or ask SJ for a copy of the leaflet.

Green Award, JM will ask Jane Essex to submit an application to Stafford Borough Council featuring details on Clear Out Day, litter picking, other sustainable local activities (e.g. Mikron) and our Post Office campaign.

Community Champions, up to 2000 for individuals who want to make a difference in their community. Application details are available from SJ.

P.E.P. A free Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour training course is being held on 15th July 2004 in Birmingham. JM has details and DCA will pay the train fare of anyone wishing to represent us. MT to attend.

14 Any Other business

There was no other business

15 Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 14th July 2004 at 7.00pm at the Sutton Centre.