Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 9th March 2005


Present: Nigel Barnett, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Isabella Davies, Laura Day, Michelle Elliot, Claire Gaisford, Sarah Jessop, David Hughes, Joan Moore, Stephen Moore, John Perks, Pat Perks, Barbara Simpson, Gill Smith, Mike Turner, Adrian Venables, Alistair Wray, Glyn Woodward

Apologies: Joyce Beach, Tom Beach, Jane Essex, Sue Fox, Sally Hems, Stephen Moore


Minutes of the meeting held on 9th February 2005

Approved as a correct record

2. Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 9th February 2005

Parish Council Nomination forms are available from the end of March and should be completed and returned the Stafford Borough Council by 7th April 2005. If you have any queries call the Borough on 619424. A full list of nominees will be published on 11th April; if you are on the list and have changed your mind or wish to be removed you have 24 hours to notify the Borough Council in writing. Information is still available from collection points.

Charitable Status BS has received a letter from the Charity Commissioners who agree in principle with our application. One amendment was requested and that is to find four more trustees to add to the existing three to create the seven outlined in the document. ME, SF, SM and GS have been approached. The seven trustees will stand until the next election at the AGM in May. Once all trustee forms have been received by the Charity Commission it will take 15 days to get approval.

3. Youth Forum

The Forum had not met since the last DCA meeting and their business consultant is on holiday. Mr Pritchard had asked for a meeting with HB, SF and AV to discuss their plans for a leisure barn. There was nothing else to report

4. Village Voices

Mike Lucas and Richard Povell from Mikron have conducted a series of interviews with local people and are making progress with the development of a story. During their return visit they had toured the Universal factory and held workshops for the actors, run by Laura Sydonie and Rob Tuck. Approximately 25 different people attended the events over two nights and they were felt to be fun and exposed a lot of talent! Richard is now writing the script and has many ideas. Mikron return on 28th March for two weeks of intensive rehearsing. Whilst they are back in Huddersfield rehearsals will continue in Doxey until they return on the 25th April for another intensive period of rehearsals during the week before the play. DCA are pleased that the press are now picking up the story and running articles. We have also received a further 2500 from Awards For All (Lottery Group) and are now only waiting to hear from the Midlands co-op.

5. Programme for 2005

Village Voices local production will happen on Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May

Clear Out Day is scheduled for Sunday 8th May, no electrical, flammable or toxic goods are allowed. Another will happen during September or October. The May event will be publicised on posters and in the Village Voices programme

The AGM will take place on 11th May. The Association agreed that the police (preferably a high ranking officer) should be invited back to give a talk and answer local concerns

The annual plant sale will take place on Saturday 14th May

The professional version of Village Voices will be premiered on Saturday 11th June

There will be no Doxey Day in 2005

The Funday will be arranged for Saturday 6th or 13th August. JP and PP offered to organise the event again

The Village Voices Exhibition will happen in September

A day trip to Blackpool illuminations will be investigated by DH, to take place in late September or early October. It will be open to all and coach travel organised, under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult

6. Doxey Times

Articles suggested included:

Two adverts

Village Voices information

Plant Sale

Blackpool illuminations trip (note expressions of interest to DH)

Clear Out Day (note expressions of interest to MT)

SM to do an interview with the vicar. JC will ask the vicar about this

The newsletter will be produced and distributed at the end of March/early April. GW offered to deliver on Virginia Park and more deliverers may be needed around Doxey Fields

7. Correspondence

No correspondence has been received since the last meeting

Any Other Business

The bus service was causing renewed concern. Services are erratic and late. On 5th March one resident had waited for the return bus from the town centre between 12.10 and 12.30, when it did not arrive he waited at Sainsburys until 1.27 pm. There had been nine complaints made of no shows earlier that week. One person wanted to catch the 9.00am service for a doctors appointment but the next bus did not arrive until 9.55. The bus had been seen passing the school at 8.55 am and it appeared the service had left early, which was unacceptable. It was commented that there used to be a 10-minute stop/waiting period in Doxey that enabled drivers to make up lost time if necessary but this had been removed from the drivers schedule a reduced bus timetable was suggested so that the service could be more reliable. Pushchair users also reported problems as old buses were being used on the route and a driver in training had been on the school bus, which raised concerns about legal issues. JM will bring bus services up at the next Stafford-wide Tenant Federation meeting, as this could be a common issue where collectively voices may have greater influence.

A computer course on databases will start at the school on 12th April. The previous sessions had maintained the attendance levels at 7 or 8

Anyone interested in photography should express their interest to JM so that they can be involved in the two sessions as part of the Village Voices project

9. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 13th April 2005 at 7pm at the Sutton Centre


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