Doxey Community Association

Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 9th November 2005

Present: Nigel Barnett, Hannah Burgess, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, David Hughes, Joan Moore, Stephen Moore, John Perks, Pat Perks, Denise Peel, Barbara Simpson, Gill Smith, Mike Turner, Adrian Venables.

Apologies: John Peel, Alan Thomas.

Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of the last meeting held on the 12 October were agreed as a correct record.

Matters arising

Neighbourhood Watch

There has been a good response to the project in Brooklime Gardens, with 23 households participating. However there are problems with the signposting, as lampposts cannot be used due to legal reasons. Permission is being sought for alternative means, e.g. ground floor flats (PP)

Village Voices

21 DCA members attended the final performance of the professional version of Village Voices. An archive file for the play has been created on the DCA website. (JM)

Life Support Course

The course is in two parts; the first training for life support for adults and older children and the

second for younger children and infants. The course is funded by a grant from the Community Council of Staffordshire and is free of charge to participants. It has been fully attended. To date, 20 people having been trained in the providing life support for children and adults. Next session could be held later in November, or early December. (JM)

Digital Photography Course

The course, free of charge, was held on the 5thsNovember. 18 people attended the course. There will be two groups for the second session, one on Monday 14th November and one on Thursday 24th November. The topic for the session is transferring photographs from the digital camera to the PC and using software to change the pictures. Participants have agreed to contribute 50p per session to the tutor's travelling expenses.

Parish Council

The Stafford Borough Council was contacted regarding the clearing of the play area at the end of Greensome Close. Response from the council is pending. NB to arrange meeting with council- preferably on site. NB will advise on the time and date of that meeting so local people can be there.

Parish Church Toilets

There is a lack of adequate funding for the provision of disabled toilets. Fund raising ideas were put forward. It was suggested that a Doxey day or weekend could be organised jointly by the DCA, Parish Council, Church, and School etc with all local organisations collaborating on planning. Funds raised would be for the toilet improvements at the church. GS suggested that local youth bands should also be involved. The notion of a Doxey Day/ Weekend would be on the January 2006 agenda.

Activities for Young People

Youth Forum: a Christmas tree display to be arranged, and decorated by (HB). There is need for a recruitment drive for new members to join the youth forum. A meeting will be held on Monday 14th of November. NB is in discussion with Juliet Prince regarding the setting up of a youth club in Doxey. The developments in activities for young people to be on next meeting agenda.


(i) Script Play

Scripts for the pantomime, Mother Goose had been bought. Performance rights and video rights had been obtained. Performance dates have been set for Friday 21st April 2006 in the evening and Saturday 22nd April in the afternoon.

(ii) Rehearsals

A script read through was attended by 28 people on the Sunday 6th November. Future rehearsal dates are to be decided

(iii) Play Support

The video team has been arranged (GS).

Mike Beach is interested in editing Doxey elements into the script.

The DCA are seeking a Director, in order to commence casting.

Meeting to be held with Jim Wheeler from CultureGen to discuss future collaboration.

There is no funding for the project, although it was suggested by the treasurer that surplus from the Mikron project should be used.

Doxey Times

Items for be include are:

Youth Forum Christmas tree display

Friendship group Help with the distribution of the Doxey Times

Digital photography Life Support

Pantomime news

SM offered to do press releases for items that did not meet the Doxey Times publication date.

Other Business

There have been 27 expressions of interest in the Blackpool trip in August/September 2006. The trip will be advertised in June 2006 of issue of Doxey Times. If there is sufficient demand DH will order a 52 seater bus. This would bring the cost down to 10 per person.

An activity calendar will be prepared to aid in planning DCA activities. This will be an agenda item at the next meeting.

An independent qualified accountant to examine the accounts has been identified.




SBC Supervised walks and Volunteer Walk Leader Training - contact LA 21 on 619676

SCC: food and policy health action group regarding health food and locally produced foods contact JM or Brian Camfield 277983

SBC: Local Development Plan deadline 12 December 2005. The relevant document can be down loaded from internet contact SM

SCIOS Questionnaire regarding help and future help for the DCA completed by JM and at the meeting

SDVS 18 Aug 2005 re our outstanding membership fee. BS to follow up.

Connections information contact JM

Telephone call to JM from Mr Spurway who lived in Doxey about 15 years ago. He had some suggestions for getting together Doxey residents. JM told him about the website. He will be in touch again.

Date of next meeting

Wednesday 14th December at 7pm at the Sutton Centre.


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