Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 12 October 2005

Present: Nigel Barnett, Sally Hems, David Hughes, Joan Moore, Stephen Moore, John Perks, Pat Perks, Barbara Simpson, Gill Smith, Alan Thomas, Mike Turner

1 Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 14th September were agreed as a correct record.

2 Matters arising

There were no matters arising not dealt with elsewhere in the agenda.


3 Trustees meeting

A trustees meeting had been held on 4 October, as part of the requirement for at least two trustees meetings per year. At the meeting the role of the trustees had been explained, there had been a financial report and past and future activities of the DCA had been reviewed. The following decisions had been taken.

A donation of £85 should be made to the senior citizens’ Christmas dinner.

Because a speedy decision was sometimes required in response to requests from outside bodies for use of the party tent, responsibility for this should be delegated to the DCA chair.

In discussion the question of insurance for the party tent was raised. It was thought that the premiums would be too high to be worthwhile. Also, most events for which the tent would be used would have insurance which should cover the tent anyway.


4 Clear our day

This had been particularly successful. MT estimated that something like 98% of all items had been recycled, even though more items than usual had been brought. He thanked the eight helpers on the day; the biggest number so far, including one who had not helped before.


5 Neighbourhood Watch

The inaugural meeting for the Brooklime Gardens scheme was to take place in the near future. It was noted that a potential co-ordinator for a scheme around the Doxey Arms had been identified. It was not clear yet what would be happening in Sutton Drive.


6 Trip to Blackpool

24 people had gone on this successful trip and some were already talking about next year’s trip. DH expressed thanks for the subsidy. He is willing to organise a trip next year. If enough people to fill a coach took part, the cost would be much less. It was noted that the subsidy may not be available next year. Agreed to put the matter on the agenda for the DCA meeting in June 2006.


7 Film festival

Part of the Stafford Film Festival had been the creation of a film, based on the festival’s theme of the Second World War, of a street party in Castletown. Most of the children and some of the adults in the cast were from Doxey and most of the food had been prepared by Doxey people. Unfortunately the weather had made for difficulties but it had been felt that the experience had been valuable for those taking part. It was regretted that Doxey Primary School had not co-operated in recruiting children who would have benefited most from the experience to join the cast. A showing of the finished film had taken place the evening before.


8 Life support project

The first session had taken place with 11 people attending and all being successful. There had been a good response to the further notice in Doxey Times.


9 Digital photography course

There had been a good response to the further notice in Doxey Times and it was hoped to start the course in a few weeks’ time. This would be on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Mike Day would be asked whether he would put on a second course to meet demand.


10 Village Voices trip

There are places for all who want to go to Marsden on 28 October. Some are staying overnight. It is still hoped to be able to get a minibus. About 30 people are likely to be going from Doxey in all.


11 Parish Council

NB gave a brief report on the work of the parish council. The major issues are the parish plan and traffic calming. The aim is to get a large number of people involved in the plan. A survey is to be issued in the traffic calming. It was announced that the application for a telephone mast near Baxter Green had been refused. The parish council was hoping to put up a new notice board for the community.


12 Doxey Times

The following items were suggested.

Parish plan Report on clear out day Traffic calming Date of next DCA meeting Friendship Group Post of secretary

Life support project Digital photography Chocolate evening

Invitation to the senior citizens’ Christmas dinner

There was discussion of printing arrangements for Doxey Times. Agreed that the DCA should investigate purchase of a suitable printer.


13 Correspondence

(a) The autumn issue of Sundial, the magazine of Local Agenda 21, had been received.

(b) Details of training courses provided by PEP had been received.

(c) The latest issue of Community Matters’ journal had been received.

(d) The DCA is to receive another award at the Green Awards ceremony on 20 October. Agreed that Joan Moore should collect this.


14 Other business

(a) It was reported that the play area at the end of Greensome Close was in bad condition. NB said he would contact the Borough Council.

(b) It was reported that fencing and gates on the Universal’s field beside the football pitch were to be repaired.

(c) There was a discussion about the toilets at the parish church and the need to provide facilities for disabled people.

(d) It was reported that mini motorbikes were being ridden on the Universal car park. This led to a wider discussion of the need to provide for a variety of activities for young people to allow for choice.

(e) A meeting had been held of people who wished to follow up the Village Voices project with another piece o theatre. About 30 people attended. It had been agreed to work towards producing a pantomime at Easter 2006.

(f) Street meetings with the police. Doxey’s community police officer had asked for suggestions about these. It was noted that the police had daytime meetings at weekends in mind for the winter months, but the meeting felt that early evening meetings might be feasible. Suggested locations were the following.

Outside Doxey Stores Outside the church

Outside the Doxey Arms The green area by Greensome Crescent

Sutton Drive

The passage between Marsland Close and Greensome Close


15 Next meeting

Wednesday, 9 November 2005

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