Doxey Community Association

Minutes of meeting held on 8th September 2004

Present: Joyce Beach (JB), Tom Beach (TB), John Corcoran (JC), Susan Corcoran (SC), Michele Elliott (ME), Sally Hems (SH), David Hughes (DH), Joan Moore (JM), Stephen Moore (SM), John Perks (JP), Pat Perks (PP), Gill Smith (GS), Mike Turner (MT), Adrian Venables (AV)

Apologies: Sarah Jessop (SJ), Barbara Simpson, Iain Simpson, Robert Simpson, Dan Yates


1.Minutes of the meeting held on 14th July 2004

Approved as a true record.


2.Matters arising

Anti-social behaviour There were several reports of anti-social behaviour experienced since the last meeting and the response of the police to reports about this. . An incident of dogs being shot at by an air rifle in Fern Drive was mentioned specifically. There was concern that there was insufficient police presence in Doxey. There was a suggestion that police resources were not being used appropriately. The importance of continuing to report to police was stressed so that they would be able to build a picture of what was happening in Doxey. If it was suspected that the culprits came from the William Sutton estate ME should be informed, too. Subsequently, there was discussion of a possible rape incident at the church. It was suggested that it was sometimes difficult to know how to respond to screams, which might in some circumstances be simply the result of high spirits. It was suggested that one should call 999 if one felt that someone could be at risk. It was agreed that contact should be made with the police at several levels to express the concern of a large number of the Doxey community about how the police were dealing with anti-social behaviour.

Parish Council Campaign A few days before the meeting a letter had been received from the Office of the Deputy Primer Minister saying that they had approved, in principle, the creation of a parish council for Doxey. JM had spoken to the relevant borough council officer about what would happen next. The council will come into being at the beginning of a financial year. This could be April 2005, but might have to be postponed to April 2006. It was now necessary to start thinking about who might stand for election to the parish council. Nine councillors would probably be required. Members were urged to discuss this with friends and neighbours. If there were more nominations than vacancies there would be an election. It would also be necessary to think about how the community association would relate to the parish council. Thanks and congratulations were offered to PP, JP, and SM who had done the majority of the hard work in collecting signatures for the petition.

Mikron bid The bid for funding from the Arts Council had been resubmitted at their request. They had said that a decision would be made no later than the end of October.


3.Youth Forum

AV gave a report. The main concern was to get the leisure barn project moving. To this end the garden project would be put on hold. It appeared that it was more important to get the leisure barn into action as soon as possible than to secure the ideal location. Therefore, the Forum wished to pursue the option of locating the barn on the play area at the end of Greensome Close. Better lighting in this area would be needed if this were to happen. The cost of this could be included in the cost of the barn. Contact had already been made with suppliers who had done projects of this kind before. The Youth Forum thought that another public meeting would help to get more interest in this project and to move it forward.

AV also reported on the present state of the play area. Rubbish was being tipped again and there had been fires with the fire brigade attending on at least one occasion. Some DCA members reported that children had been making a den and pond on land adjacent to the playing area. These children had been advised about safety precautions.


4 Update on play area

JM reported on a meeting she had had with Joe Scully from the Borough Council. He said that a risk assessment was necessary to bring the area up to standard. He was horrified about the way it had been neglected. He had been told that a massive amount of work was required to bring the area back into use, but, having seen it, he thought that the work to level the pitch, move the goal posts so that the part that had been dug would not be on the pitch and to mark out lines for a pitch, would take about a day. He will inform JM when this is to be done and she will let others know. To make progress on the Youth Forumís plans for a leisure barn it would be vital for the council to conduct a survey of need. To do this would need the support of local councillors. JM reported that they had been contacted.

It was agreed that the DCA should support the Youth Forumís call for a public meeting and that David Kidney would be approached with a view to holding a meeting during the first week in October.


5 Computer access in Doxey

There had been no progress on this. JM would investigate.


6 Doxey Day

It was reported that the event had been successful. Nearly all organisations active in Doxey had been represented and attendance had been reasonable, despite the poor weather. It was agreed to set a date and venue for Doxey Day 2005 at the next DCA meeting.

7. DCA "meeting" 11 August 2004

There had been a good turnout and it was regarded as a successful social occasion. David and Sally were thanked for their work in organising this.

8 Fun day

This was well attended by local children. Thanks were extended to William Sutton Housing Association for the donation of £50 for prizes and to Dave from Bradbury Rise Stores for the donation of drinks. An application for funding from Community Champions had not been successful because the event was not the first of its kind and this fund was largely for training purposes. It was noted that older youths spoiled the enjoyment of the younger ones. The following changes were suggested for next year.

Set an upper age limit

Younger participants should be supervised

Involve the community police


9 Proposed programme 2004

Clear out day It was agreed that this should be held on Sunday, 7 November. MT agreed to organise.

Outings Several possibilities were discussed: Walsall Illuminations; a trip to Blackpool, including the illuminations; Shrewsbury flower show; Aladdin at the Gatehouse.

10 Doxey Times

The following subjects were suggested for inclusion in the October issue.

The parish council decision

The senior citizens Christmas meal

The Youth Forum open meeting

The new litter bin at the play area


The play group

Work being done at the play area

Clear out day

M6 widening

Something from the police

Information about the new vicar

Something from the school

It was noted that it may not be possible to cover all of these issues in a single A4 sheet, though the fuller version would be on the website. It would be possible for people who do not have access to the internet to be sent a printout of the website version of Doxey Times if they requested it.


11 Correspondence

Community Matters Details of the AGM had been received, but it would not be easily accessible to DCA members. SJ had completed a questionnaire about information technology needs and use on behalf of the DCA.

ETN training and NOW courses.

Coop funding JM had submitted an application for funding for Mikron. The total amount of money available is small so the chances are not good, but submitting the application gets the project known.

CAB outreach request


12 Other Business

There was a discussion of the bus service. Some services had been cut out due to driver shortage. Most serious was omission of the school us on the first day of term. SM would make representations and JM would contact Robert Simpson. More encouragingly, 60 people had used the new Sunday service. Super low floor buses are gradually being introduced to the number 6 service and bus stops in Doxey are being rebuilt for them. However, this is drawing attention to the otherwise poor condition of some footpaths in Doxey. It was noted that there is a telephone line for reporting highways problems.

It was noted that comments about the proposals for dealing with congestion on the M6 - widening or a new motorway in parallel, should be made by 21 October.


13 Date of next meeting

Wednesday, 13 October at 7.00 p.m.