Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 14th September

Present: John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Jane Essex, Sally Hems, Ian Henry, Jayne Henry, Sarah Moody (SMo), Joan Moore, Stephen Moore (SM), John Perks, Pat Perks, Darshan S Seehra, Gill Smith, Alan Thomas, Adrian Venables

Also in Attendance: Vicky Singleton, NHW Co-ordinator

Apologies: Nigel Barnett, Tom Beach, Joyce Beach, Marian Belcher, Isabella Davies Michelle Elliot, David Hughes, Sue Fox, Barbara Simpson, Iain Simpson

Minutes of the meeting held on 13th July 2005

Approved as a correct record

2. Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 13th July 2005

Life Support Project This project involves a range of doctors and nurses teaching basic life support skills to local people on a voluntary basis. The project is funded by Community Champions. They will teach groups of up to 10 people aged 12+. It will comprise a one off 2-hour session, with refresher courses every 6 months. Sessions will happen fortnightly to enable as many people as possible to participate.

DS asked for 5 teams of volunteers:

Course Trainers – 9 doctors and nurses identified by and including DS and his wife

Refreshments – PP and JP offered to take on tea, coffee and biscuit duty

Promotion – AV suggested Hannah Burgess might wish to be involved

Printing – AV offered, a printer will be purchased using part of the grant

Venue organisation – to meet approximately 30 minutes before a session to open up and arrange furniture as appropriate. SH, GS & JM will rotate and SC and JC will help at the church

DS will start to order equipment immediately and claim back costs from Barbara. Tesco and Ink Box were suggested as good places to source paper and card for certificates.

Sessions will take place on alternate Thursdays, starting in early October, ten people volunteered to participate in the first session, other sessions will be advertised in Doxey Times. A question was raised about teaching CPR on children – it would cost an extra £150 to buy an appropriate manikin. This can be done with authorisation from funders if savings are made elsewhere on the budget. Initially only adult CPR will be taught, but if people do wish to learn about CPR on children, specific sessions could be run.

3. Neighbourhood Watch (NHW)

Vicky Singleton, one of the Chase Division NHW Co-ordinators talked to the group about setting up a NHW scheme. NHW came to the UK from America 23 years ago to address a spate of burglaries on a British street. The scheme has 40,000 member households and there are 900 schemes operating in Chase Division (of which Doxey is a part). There are existing schemes in Doxey and interest has been expressed from a further 2 locations. NHW is a free scheme that is owned and run by the community, with support from local police. It has 3 objectives:

Reduce Crime – The police give advice on security, property marking, preventing crime, reducing risk and providing information so that people are aware of key issues which may affect their area (via a telephone notification service). Nuisance incidents can also be dealt with.

Maintain Community Values – by looking out for each other and communicating information community spirit is built and quality of life improves

Help Police – Report suspicious incidents, bogus callers, etc. reduce crime through vigilance and act as ‘CCTV’

It is important that membership to the scheme is obvious using signs and stickers. A survey of offenders revealed that 65% of burglars would think twice before committing a crime in a NHW area. It can also reduce home insurance premiums and such benefits should be highlighted to apathetic members of the community to encourage their involvement.

NHW co-ordinators review crime patterns so that people can be kept up to date with what is really happening, support setting up and running schemes (including tackling other issues such as dog fouling) and provide information. This information is also put into a newsletter which highlights issues; shares success stories and provides useful contact numbers.

To set up a scheme a letter is sent to households to establish interest. This includes a tear off slip, which is returned so households can be identified. A meeting is then organised to discuss what will be involved.

Vicky explained that images on TV are untrue. Members do not interfere, they help and look out for each other, and real crime statistics are provided to reduce fear of crime. If a scheme is set up but after a time struggles, there are various ways a NHW co-ordinator can reinstate interest, including street meetings and leaflet drops. It does not matter if not everyone is interested schemes vary in size from 2-3 households to whole villages. Vicky will be happy to return to Doxey if people do want to start a scheme in their area.

4. Youth Forum

After much investigation by AV it has been established that Sue Fox is due back to work soon. JM will contact her to discuss the next steps

5. Parish Council

Parish Councillors were involved in another event in Stafford so SM informed the group that Parish Plans had been discussed. They intended to continue consultation done during the Planning for Real exercise some years ago. A working group have been formed and they will meet in October. The Plan will help to identify what people in the area want and need and inform priorities for the Parish Council. It will also enable the community to influence the Community Strategy and other documents and plans, locally and regionally.

The telephone mast, which it is proposed will be erected near the Chevron Garage, was discussed. There is a petition which those who object can sign.

Traffic calming was discussed, but no formal proposal has been put forward.

SM reminded everyone that if they had an issue they wished to raise they should inform their Parish Councillors prior to the meeting, preferably in writing (although a verbal communication or asking someone else to produce the concern in writing would be acceptable).

6. Report on Fun Day

The event went well, but with fewer children than usual – it clashed with a number of other events including the V Festival at Weston Park. PP suggested that perhaps next year could be a whole day of activities with wider community representation. It will be an item agenda for February's meeting. The chair thanked PP and JP for their hard work.

7. Programme for 2005

DH has 24 people going on the trip to Blackpool Illuminations. As numbers were not as high as expected they have made a block booking on a scheduled coach and the DCA trustees have agreed to supplement the ticket price and pay £60 towards the cost of the trip. It is hoped it will help to build community spirit and form friendships. JM wished everyone a good trip!

The next Clear Out Day will take place on the 9th October at the William Sutton Centre.

The Village Voices trip is being organised for anyone wishing to see the final professional show, names must be given to SM or JM by 15/09/05. There will be a coach or car share to minimise the number of cars taken. They will depart Doxey at around 5.15pm, see the show and move on to the pub afterwards and anticipate departure from Marsden no later than 11pm.

8. Doxey Times

Dates of future Life Support sessions

Reminder of the Friendship Group

Churches Christmas Tree Exhibition

BBC Radio Courses

Advert for position of DCA secretary

CAB Surgeries

Photography Group

9. Correspondence

The monthly community matters mailing has arrived

Live and Local flyers were distributed

David Kidney MP sent details of a meeting on 21st September at Rising Brook Baptist Church for anyone interested in Big Lottery funding

The BBC is running a couple of workshops on radio programme production. They will take place on a Wednesday afternoon and a Saturday. Anyone interested should let JM know. If there are more than 10 people interested they will host a session in Doxey

Staffordshire university is putting on a programme of community practice courses offering graduate certificates and Masters degrees in the subject

Mike Day (Laura’s dad) has offered to run another series of three photography workshops. They will teach the principle of good photography and look at a range of subjects, including digital photography and using a computer to enhance/edit pictures

The Citizens Advice Bureau has funding to provide a number of outreach surgeries on debt issues. They are planning to have a number of days at the William Sutton Centre

PEP – a training body are providing a free course in Birmingham on 6th October. JM attended last year and found it useful

A request was received to provide financial support to the Senior Citizens lunch. It was agreed that we would contribute £70 as we did in 2004

The harvest supper will take place at the church on 24/10/05, at 7pm. The charge towards the meal and entertainment is £5 for adults and a voluntary donation for children

DCA had been invited to display a Christmas tree decorated to reflect what the Association is about, in the church's Christmas tree display. It was agreed that the DCA would accept – details to be discussed at the October meeting.

10. Any Other Business

The film of Doxey which was made as part of last years film festival will be shown at a future meeting and at the coffee morning if people would like to see it. Anyone that was a child during the war is invited to attend an event at the school to answer questions about their experiences. This years events will take place in Castle Church and include subjects such as evacuation during the war. They will host a VJ day celebration (Doxey people, with food supplied by Sainburys, will provide the catering). JC, PP, JP and George O’Brien would be interested.

The BBC is working in conjunction with Culturegen to make a Time Capsule. We have been asked to produce a one minute long DVD on any subject. Ideas suggested include posing a relevant question about a local issue, e.g. youth barn/speed bumps. Anyone with ideas should talk to John Smith

The Church is planning to have an outdoor Christmas tree with lights this year. . The DCA had purchased lights in the previous two years and it was agreed that they should be loaned to the church.

JE went to Proms in the Park at Lichfield and recommended that next year the DCA organise a trip. It is fun and free of charge and features a wide range of music

SMo informed the group that she is taking up a new post in Lincolnshire in early October and will no longer be able to attend the DCA meetings. She thanked the group for their support and friendship

SC thanked everyone for the card she received whilst in hospital recovering from a hip operation

9. Date of next meeting

The next meeting will take place at 7pm on Wednesday 12th October at the William Sutton Centre


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