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Minutes of meeting held on12th May 2010 at 7.00pm at the William Sutton Centre


Mike Turner, Mick Wright, Isabella Davies, Gill Smith, David Hughes, Sally Hems, Laura Day, Nicky Barron, Pat Perks, John Perks, Denise Peel, Terence Strickland, Joan Harvey.


John Peel


The minutes of the meeting held on 10th March 2010 were accepted as a true record, proposed Isabella Daand start at 19:00 vies, seconded David Hughes.

Matters Arising

Denise Peel informed the meeting that Rob Belcher had said at the meeting of the Trustees that the DCA had £1,350 in the bank.

Felt Making

Gill Smith read a thank you letter from Rachel Moore who had enjoyed her afternoon felt making. It was agreed that this should be repeated at some point.

Plant Sale

Gill made a request for plants and cakes for the sale on 15th May at 10.00am. This will be held outside the church. If the weather is wet it will take place in the vestibule of the church.

Clear Out Day

Sunday 23rd May at 1.00pm in the church car park.

Mike Turner informed the meeting that he already had some volunteers but more are always welcome. Posters have been put in the shops, church and school.

Cheese and Wine Party

David said that he was happy to organise this. Gill suggested it should be in the autumn.

Doxey Day 17th July

David Hughes said he now had new activities on board that would be discussed further at the next committee meeting of the Parish Council. Gill suggested ‘Tug ‘o War’, David said that the risk assessment would have to be considered.

Sutton Centre

With regard to the charges for use of the roomand start at 19:00 , there has been no change.

Craft Group

There will be a jewellery workshop on Sunday 23rd May in the church hall. Denise Peel said that we should establish the level of interest for different craft activities in Doxey, she suggested a slip be printed on the bottom of the Doxey Times for people to complete and return.


This will take place on 9th June 2010 at 7.00 – 7.30pm. Joan Harvey will invite councillors and the local P.C.S.O;s. David Hughes agreed to stand in for Denise, should she be late.

Parish Report

The pathway from the church to the railway line has now been completed. There is a dog fouling bin in place at the start of the pathway. David said that there is now a plan to revamp the football field. The containers are to be moved and the far side of the field will be landscaped. He said that the Parish Council are looking for a site in order to build a community centre. Finances are now in place from Heritage Lottery funds and the Parish Council have funds of £36.000. The community centre will incorporate a chemist, post office, dentist, doctor’s surgery and catering facilities.

Doxey Times

The AGM has been advertised in the current Doxey Times. Sally Hems was concerned about the amount of broken glass in her area of Doxey. This will be addressed in the next addition of the paper. The school will also be contacted about the problem.

The new DCA committee will be printed in the Times along with an introduction to the new chair, Laura Day.


No relevant information


Isabella Davies said that the Exclusion Order operating in the church and the community centre had been extended for a further 6 months by the police. Since the youngsters were arrested and taken to court, Doxey has been much quieter.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm

The next meeting will be the AGM held at the church hall on Wednesday 9th June at 7.00pm

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