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Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 11th November 2009 at 7.30pm at the William Sutton Centre

Gill Smith, Laura Smith, Terence Strickland, M Simpson, Mike Turner, Isabella Davies Cllr., Michael Wright, Sally Hems, Rob Hemmings, Ann Hemmings, Pat Perks, John Perks, David Hughes Cllr., Joan Harvey.

Apologies: John Smith, John Peel, Anita Peel, Emily Last, Anita Sumner-Smith.

Matters Arising :

Universal Bowling Club Project     Michael Wright asked for an update on this project. Joan Harvey read out a letter of support written on behalf of the D.C.A. by John Smith.

Clear Out Day Mike Turner said that this had now been postponed until the spring of next year as it was becoming too cold to stand outside.

Pathway Improvements Isabella Davies told the meeting that some work had already been done clearing the undergrowth on the pathway behind the church and that plans to lay hard standing, similar to that on the disused railway track, were in place. The pathway leading off to the left behind the houses is also to be kept clear. David Hughes said that he had already cleared some of the pathway after mowing the football field.


The minutes for the meeting held on 09/09/09 were accepted as a true record, proposed, Isabella Davies, seconded Michael Wright

Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner

Gill Smith said that 45 reply slips had already been returned and expected that the final total would probably be approximately 55. Interested people have until the end of the month to reply. There are a number of volunteers on board but more are still required. Gill is still looking for volunteers to entertain. Pam Hobday will sing, Gill will ask Alex Gray – piano and Louise Bell – saxophone if they would like to volunteer. Gill said that Rachael Moore was a possibility for the piano and Michael Wright suggested Steve Smith to play guitar for the community singing.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer was not present at the meeting but David Hughes said that little money had been spent recently and there was a healthy kitty of approximately £2000.

Parish Council Report

 David Hughes told us that this was a quiet time for the council, there were ongoing projects awaiting response from the County Council. David said that he had repainted the container in the football field as it had been sprayed with graffiti; he suggested that youngsters be allowed to spray the wall as a project.

Downings’ Waste have offered to drop 60 tons of top soil to create a second football pitch. Traction will sponsor a roller for levelling the pitch.

The notice board situated outside the New Testament Church of God is to be repaired

The roads around Doxey are to be repaired, £625,000 to be spent.

David Hughes has written to the bus company to ensure that the buses go back to their regular 20 minute intervals. Some buses have been missed out due to the diversions for road works in Stafford.

Isabella Davies informed the meeting that plans had been submitted for a one storey extension to 144 Doxey Road.

Doxey Times

Gill Smith said that John would send out emails to regular contributors for their submissions for the December issue. Sally Hems said that a congratulatory piece should be submitted as Terence Strickland had just won a green award for his part in keeping Doxey green and tidy. This was seconded by Michael Wright.


Final report on the review of Staffordshire LINk.
Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter.
Email from Derek Holt requesting photographs of old Doxey to include in a book. Joan Harvey will put him in touch with Eileen Skelton, hopefully they can swap and share photos.


David Hughes said that the Doxey Reunion had been a great success and should be mentioned in the Doxey Times

The next meeting of the Doxey Community Association will be held on:  Wednesday 13th January at 7.30pm at the William Sutton Centre.

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