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Minutes of the AGM held on 9th June 2010 at 7.30pm

Venue St Thomas and St. Andrew’s Church Doxey


S. Hems, M. Turner, D. Hughes, L. Day, N Barron, G Smith,

J. Corcoran, S. Corcoran, R. Belcher, D. Peel, J. Smith, N. Malyon,

J. Harvey, Cllr., P Goodland.


J. Peel, P. Perks, J. Perks, A. Sumner-Smith, Cllr D. Adams. E. Last,

Rev P.Thomas.


Election of Officers:The minutes of the previous AGM 10/06/09 were accepted as a true record,

proposed M. Turner, seconded D Hughes.



Denise gave a brief report outlining the achievements of the DCA over the last year. Thanks were given to everyone who made the senior citizens Christmas Dinner such a great success. This year 65 meals were served. The annual dinner was the brainchild of Mark Smith when he was thirteen years old as a school challenge, for which he won an award. He is now twentytwo and the event has become an expected and very welcome part of the Doxey calendar. Special thanks went to all the young people who waited on and also to John and Gill Smith who coordinated the whole event.

Thanks were also extended to Pat and John Perks who have continued to organise the coffee mornings every Monday at the William Sutton Centre.

Mike Turner held another very successful clear out day recycling many unwanted items that had been brought along. A popular event,always well supported.

A felt making workshop was held in the church hall. This was extremely well attended and a very enjoyable afternoon. It is hoped that regular craft workshops can be set up in the future.

The plant and produce sale raised £91 this year. The money from this event helps toward the production costs of the Doxey Times.

Denise thanked John Smith for all his work and effort in producing the Doxey Times. She also thanked the many people who delivered it.

Thanks were given to the work of the Trustees this year, without whose help the DCA may have had to close. Denise said that she had taken over the position as Chair in a ‘caretaker’ role until a decision could be made about the future of the DCA. The association is now in a much stronger position. It was decided that it could now support other local groups who wanted to arrange activities in Doxey as they could be covered under the ‘umbrella’ of the DCA’s indemnity insurance.

Susan Corcoran thanked Denise for all her hard work in her role as ‘caretaker’chair for the past year.

Laura Day has agreed to stand as Chair in the forthcoming elections


Rob presented the accounts up to the year ending 31/12/2009 Rob said that the DCA now acts as banker for the junior youth club in Doxey.The accounts were accepted, proposed by J. Smith seconded D. Hughes.Our thanks were extended to Rob for all his hard work in keeping the DCA finances in good order.

Election of Officers:

David Hughes took the Chair for the nominations.

Proposed Seconder
Chair Laura Day Dave Hughes  Gill Smith
Rob Belcher Mike Turner John Smith
Secretary Joan Harvey Denise Peel Dave Hughes
Anita Sumner-Smith Denise Peel  Gill Smith

Nicky Barron Laura Day Denise Peel

Gill Smith John Smith Mike Turner

Isabella Davies John Smith Mike Turner

Paul Firman John Smith Mike Turner

Michael Wright John Smith Mike Turner

David Hughes John Smith Mike Turner


David Hughes stepped down and Laura Day was welcomed to the chair.

She introduced herself to the assembly and then welcomed Nick Mallyan, Operations Coordinator at the Stafford Furniture exchange

Nick gave an interesting talk about the work of the Furniture Exchange and the role they play in helping people to furnish their homes. He told us that they had recently moved to a new premises at the M.O.D. which gave them more scope to recondition some of the donated furniture. He said there was a particular need for cookers and refrigerators but all donations were welcome.

Laura thanked Nick on behalf of the meeting.

The meeting closed at 9.00pm

Next meeting of the Association will be on Wednesday 14th July 2010 at 7.30pm at the William Sutton Centre

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