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Thanks to Judy Bishop for this photo of her  grandmother Lilian Ethel Welch (2nd from right) the first women to swim a mile in the old Royal  Brine Baths. Lilian lived in Doxey (56, 123, 243 and 232) and was a staunch member of the church - her family raised money for the old 'Tin Hut'  (St Andrews) church - sadly no longer there. Lilian's son Neville kept the Nesbit Arms and the Vine Hotel and her daughter Brenda, who died earlier this year, was a great authority on the development of Doxey.


In the Easter Holiday breaks in 1975 and 1976 Children at Doxey School went on trips to London and York.
Most of the photos below were supplied by Samantha (Northwood) Ralphs. [click to enlarge]

How many of the individuals can you identify ?
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School trips 1974/5A1. School trips 1974/5A2. School trips 1974/5A3.
School trips 1974/5A4. School trips 1974/5A5 School trips 1974/5A6.
School trips 1974/5A7. School trips 1974/5A8. School trips 1974/5A9.
School trips 1974/5A10. School trips 1974/5A11. School trips 1974/5A12.
School trips 1974/5A13. School trips 1974/5A14. School trips 1974/5A15.

Doxey Garage

The building now occupied by 'Hair @ 108' has been used for many purposes including
- Greengrocer (70s, 80s)
- General Store - Percy Palmer's (40s,50s)
- Doxey Garage (pre-war)

Owned by the Redfern family who have provided the following photos.
The family also ran the Sand and Gravel business from the area that became 'Durber's Yard'  now occupied by the school and the 'Manor Park' Estate.
B1 - Doxey Garage
Doxey GarageB2 Doxey GarageB3 Doxey GarageB4 1941
Jim/Janet Redfern
Doxey GarageB5 Doxey GarageB6 Doxey GarageB7 Pageant
Doxey GarageB8 Pageant Doxey GarageB9 Petrol Pump mechanism (1933) Doxey GarageB10

Rigby Family

On 10th January 1872 Albert Rigby was born in what (we believe) is now 144 or 145 Doxey (then in Seighford parish). His parents were Henry (a railway 'pointsman') and Bertha (Bethiah) Rigby. In 1892 his father built Daisy Bank on a plot 200-300 yards towards Stafford. Henry's grandson Ernest continued to live in Doxey until his death in 2001. Henry's great-grandson Mike, lives in Crab Lane and provided the following photo and documents.
D1. Photo of Daisy Bank with (?) Henry, Daughter-in-law Emma and grandsons  Frank and Percy (c1908)
Daisy Bank
144/5 doxey144/145 (2005)
D2. Copy of Albert's Birth Certificate
Birth certificate Wm Rigby's book

D3. Cover of William's (older brother ?) Text Book (1870)
D4. Driving licences 1929/20
driving licences

Riverway School Photograph - 1964

Thanks to Mandy Robinson for this. The whole photo was split into four and then eight for detailed viewing. There is a lot of overlap - many people are on two pictures - I hope none on three !.
The four small images cannot be enlarged but if you click on the larger ones you will get a full screen image (depending on your browser) which can be saved and printed on your home computer (again depending on your line speed and software)
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Gask Photos

The Gask family moved to Marsland Road (No. 32 later to No. 39) when the estate was built in 1949. The following photos were provided by Rita Gask (click for full page)
Gask familyG1 Gask familyG2
Gask familyG3 Gask familyG4
Gask familyG5 Gask familyG6

Pageant 1950

Float for Stafford Pageant (The Crescent) - early 1950s.
Driver Harry Chambers with Mary Adams and her husband.
Photo provided by Maureen Gore
Pageant 1950sF1 Pageant 1950sF2

253 Doxey

These photos taken in 1979 by (?) Maslin show views from the front and back of the house. doxey reunion - 253 Doxey
M2 - View towards The Crescent

doxey reunion - 253 Doxey
M1 - 253 Doxey
doxey reunion - 253 Doxey
M3 - Looking West
doxey reunion - 253 Doxey
M4 - from garden looking South

Doxey Cubs - 1984

Doxey Cubs - 1984. - photos provided by Cilla Green - Any more names ?
Doxey Cubs 1984
U1. Sugnall Challenge Trophy for Best Camp
at Sugnall.(Jeff Skelton, Wayne Butler,
Paul Bennet, Simon Green, Simon Taylor)
Doxey Cubs 1984
U2. Doxey Cubs

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