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The following photos were provided at the Reunion - if you can provide further details - please send them to the webmaster  quoting the ref no (A1,B2 etc)

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- Lilian Welch - Swimmer and early Doxey Resident
- School Trips 1975/76 ***
- Redferns & Doxey Garage 
- Rigby Family

- Riverway School Photo 1964 ***
- The Gasks
- Pageant - early 1950s
- 253 Doxey
- Doxey Cubs - 1984
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- Silver Jubilee - 1977 ***
- Playgoup Nativity Play 1985 ***
- Doxey Good Companions, Frank Willshaw's Party  
- Sunday School Outing and Church Garden Party
- Robert Price's ear transplant

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Silver Jubilee Party - 1977 Ashley Road. Photos from Mrs Deakin
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Doxey reunionJ1
Doxey reunionJ2

Doxey Playgroup Nativity Play 1985 (photos from Jenni Maslin)
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Nativity Play 1985N1 Nativity Play 1985N2
Nativity Play 1985N3 Nativity Play 1985N4
Nativity Play 1985N5 Nativity Play 1985N6
Nativity Play 1985N7 Nativity Play 1985N8
Nativity Play 1985N9 Nativity Play 1985N10
Nativity Play 1985N11

Doxey Good Companions, Frank Willshaw's Party
Good Companions 1978
W1.Doxey Good Companions at Fairhaven Hotel Weymouth 1978 (Ethel White)
Good Companions 1978
W2.Frank Willshaw's Birthday party at Doxey Institute 1982
(Jim Redfern)

Sunday School Outing - Drayton Park 1965 (A. Johnson)
Sunday School Outing - 1965S1 Sunday School Outing - 1965S2
Good Companions 1978
S3.St Andrew's & St Thomas' Garden Party
Wynbarrie 1965

In 1935 Robert Price received an ear transplant to correct a childhood disabilty. 74 years later, at the reunion he shows the newspaper cutting describing the event.
Unfortunately the original transplant failed some months later.

Robert Smith today
V1. Robert Price at the reunion
V2. Cutting from 'Sunday Referee - Dec 29th 1935'
Click on cutting for enlargement.

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