A Brief History of Universal Grinding Wheel Company

Its ancestors and descendents

Over 100  years of History

On August 20th 2012 a small exhibition was held at the Universal Bowling Club which celebrated over a hundred years of manufacturing grinding wheels in the Doxey area.

Jesse and Delia Brough spent the previous two years accumulating and organising material about the Universal Grinding Wheel Company and its employees. Jesse's interest started when he found many old documents were being thrown away. Realising the historical importance of these he and Delia started the project to celebrate Doxey's once largest  and respected employer.

To accompany the displays a video was made featuring many ex-Universal employees including John Whipps, John Taylor, Eileen Skelton, Arthur Gould and many others.

The exhibits included photographs, awards, employees rule books,  samples and advertising literature. Two books that created a lot of interest were the two '30 Club' lists of members (complete with photos) who had served more than 30 years with the company.

Some photos of the exhibition follow (Click for larger version)

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