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DCA Meetings 2007-2009

AGM 2007 - Report from the Chair
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Trustees Meeting 2008 Request for Help

DCA AGM was held on 9th May 2007

Chair's Report 2006 to 2007

For Doxey Community Association this has been another successful and busy year with a variety of events happening over the past twelve months alongside the regular groups.

The Monday Coffee morning that is organised and facilitated by Pat and John Perks remains extremely popular. Everyone receives a warm and hospitable welcome and is made to feel at easy in the comfortable surrounding of the William Sutton Centre.

The Doxey Times, now edited by John Smith, has circulated ten editions to the 1100 homes in Doxey. The Times publicise the forthcoming events in Doxey and also communicates concerns, feedback and community matters. The Doxey Times is frequently published in the Stafford Newsletter and is also available on the DCA website.

The Doxey Community Association website continues to be regularly updated by lain Simpson with DCA business material as well as with notices of events, reports and photographs.

Two successful Clear Out Days have taken place outside the William. Sutton Centre that have been organised by Mike Turner. These prove to be a popular event with the residents of Doxey and further days have been requested!

A Plant and Cake sale took place last month and even without Joan and Stephen's plant and gardening expertise the event still flourished! Thank you to the Three Tuns for the use of their premises.

For the fourth year running the DCA received a Green Award for its work in promoting environmental awareness in Doxey. Sally Hems designed and painted a commemorative plate which is displayed alongside the certificate in the William Sutton Centre.

Doxey Day took place in July and was a joint event with Doxey's Primary School PTA the Parish Council and DCA. There were lots of things to do and see and proved to be so successful another event is scheduled to take place on Saturday 23 d June '07.

David Hughes organised a variety of trips for Doxey residents throughout the year and have included trips to Blackpool and Walsall Illuminations. Forthcoming trips will be advertised in the Doxey Times.

The Life Support project facilitated by Dr. Darshan Seehra and Stephen Smith has continued running courses. Three sessions are on offer, one on resuscitating adults, another on resuscitating children and infants and the third on helping someone who is choking. These certificated sessions have been well attended by Doxey residents and our thanks to Dr Seehra and Stephen for their commitment and support.

The DCA was invited to take part in The Stafford Film Festival commemorating Victoria Park in August. Twenty-two Doxey residents, dressed in a variety of period costumes, took part in the event. Everyone involved received a completed film on DVI3 and was invited to the premier at the Stafford Film Festival.

The senior citizens' Christmas Meal organised by Gill Smith and family was attended by approximately 60 Doxey residents. Following the three course meal the diners were entertained by local talent and a selection of songs from the Stafford Grammar School choir.

Jane Essex has arranged numerous theatrical and creative events throughout the year including two visits from Mikron and Etruria Cafe Theatre, a sculpture afternoon and several Indian Dance workshops! These events have been both interesting and fun.

The Doxey Player performed their second pantomime, Puss in Boots, last month to an audience of approximately 285. The project this year included more people than previous productions and was equally successful. The Doxey Players are already talking about their next production so keep an eye out in the Doxey Times for information.

Doxey Community Association is also represented on the Tenants' Federation of Stafford and Rural Homes, the Community Council of Staffordshire and the Local Environmental Quality Group. It is affiliated to the Stafford District Voluntary Services and to the Community Council of Staffordshire.

All of these events would not be possible without the hard work, commitment and enthusiasm of everyone involved within Doxey Community Association, a huge thank you to everyone and here's to another busy and successful year!

Anita Sumner


Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held 8/10/08 7.30pm.


G. Smith, A. Sumner Smith, D. Hughes, T. Pennington, M. Turner,S. Hems, J. Smith, J. Essex, 
D. Peel, E. Last, P.Perks, J. Perks,I Simpson, S. Corcoran, J. Corcoran

Apologies: J. Peel P, Firman, N.Barnett, R. Belcher.

Minutes: The minutes were accepted.

Matters Arising: None

Trustees Report: No meeting held. A meeting will take place Monday 3rd. November, 7.30pm. at 103 Doxey.

Financial Report: A printed accounts sheet was provided by R. Belcher showing that the total funds stood at 2094.


Clearout Day:

A good day, except for the rain, which may have kept some people athome. All left over items went to charity shops or recycling. It was suggested that it might be a good idea to bring the event back to the Sutton Centre as the Church car park was a bit out of view. Thanks to all those who helped.


Fabulous production. Thanks to the Church for the co operation inallowing us to use the Church rather than the hall during the renovations.

The audience was about 50 strong. Our thanks go to the Three Tuns for allowing us to use a room for food afterwards.

Forthcoming Events

DCA Business Plan

Anita to meet with Steve Wilson next week to amalgamate ideas and produce a plan

Christmas party:

Saturday December 13th: Anita to sort a menu, Gill to make mince pies and apple pies, Denise to do shopping, David to collate the invitations and cook the meal (with assistance from a team of helpers on the day). Entertainment to be arranged, some of the young people would like to be involved and a student from Keele University will be approached.

Life Support:

This will go ahead with the senior youth club just before or just after Christmas.

Winter Litter Pick

The unpaid work unit are looking for a project in the next 2 weeks. A joint litter pick was suggested for Sunday 261h. October meeting at the Sutton Centre l pm.

Winter Trips

Although it is too late for Walsall Illuminations this year it was felt that a trip should be considered for next year and possibly an alternative trip this year.

Live & Local

21st March 2009 a group is coming to Doxey. During the afternoon there will be a workshop and during the evening there will be a performance by this group and a Ceilidh. Ticket prices will be based on an audience of 60. Ticket cost of 1/50 of total cost. Family ticket to be 3 times an individual ticket. Concessions 2 off. It was proposed by G. Smith and seconded by D. Peel that the DCA underwrite this venture. All in favour.

Doxey Welcome

This is to be a folder containing information for new residents to the Pack :area. The difficulties in targeting people was discussed. It was suggested that one person have overall responsibility and other people have an area for which to take responsibility. (Similar to Neighbourhood Watch)

DCA Website

lain needs to update the website but needs up to date information: agenda, minutes, Doxey Times, pictures etc.

Parish Council

Suggested date for Doxey Day 2009 is July 18th. In order to obtain Quality Status the Parish Council need to put out a Newsletter 4 times a year. A container has been donated by the Co-op to be placed on the field as storage. Delivery has yet to be arranged.

Doxey Times

Party invitations, plaque at Church, anyone with any information about a bomb landing behind The Drive during the war, general monthly dates.

Correspondence: Thank you letter from' PCSO Helen Walker on behalf of the senior youth club.

AOB: To be included on the November agenda. Proposed DCA Business Plan.

The meeting closed at 9.20 pm. Next meeting 12thNovember at 7.30 pm at the Sutton Centre.


Minutes of the trustees meeting held 3/11/08 at 7.30pm.

Present: G. Smith, A. Sumner Smith, D. Peel, S. Hems N. Barnett, R. Belcher,T. Pennington, P. Firman

Apologies: D. Hughes, J. Essex


Item 1 Trustees information and further training

A copy of the constitution and the guide The Essential Trustee was given to each trustee present. The possibility of training was discussed and Anita is to find out what training is available and report back.

Item 2 Executive Roles 2009/10

Anita will stand down at the next AGM as will Gill. Therefore it will be necessary to encourage people to attend the monthly meetings in an effort to encourage 'new blood'. This could possibly start with a Christmas Social rather than a formal meeting. The redefinition of the role of Chair may be a way to persuade others to have a go and feel less daunted by the task, possibly a rolling chair might be the answer. Food for thought and discussion.

Item 3 Aims and Objectives 2009

New things for 2009

Garden share

Youth facilities

Increase active members

Needs in the wider community

Next meeting January 5th 2009 7.30pm at 103 Doxey

Meeting closed at 8.30pm


Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held 11/02/09 7.30pm.

Present: G. Smith, A. Sumner Smith, E. Last, I Davies, S. Hems, J. Smith,D. Peel, P. Firman.

Apologies: R. Belcher, J. Peel, J. Perks, P. Perks, T. Pennington, 1. Simpson,D. Hughes, N. Barnett, , M. Turner.

Minutes: The Minutes were accepted as a true record.

Matters Arising:

Christmas Party: Went very well, a good time had by all. Huge thank you to all who helped. It was very well attended.

Skateboard ramp: Doxey Forum, which meets the first Tuesday of the month, is going to organise a consultation of the residents and children near to the play area to find out what is wanted. This may or not include a skate board ramp so it has been put on hold for now.

Minutes of Trustees: Anita went through the minutes of the trustees meeting expanding on some points.

The Social, to encourage more people to attend meetings was January at the Universal Social Club, as advertised in the Doxey Times but it was noted that some people thought it was 14th January. It was agreed that we would meet on both nights in order not to miss anyone. Only one new person attended.

Public liability insurance needs to be purchased to cover all events throughout the year. Anita is to look into this.

Financial Report: No report was available at this meeting.


January Social:     The confusion in dates meant that there were two socials but only one new person attended.

Doxey has talent:    No one attended the auditions and consequently the show will not go on. It may be possible to organise workshops though out the year.

Forthcoming Events

Live and Local:

21st March, 2009. Ticket prices 6, 4 concessions, 18 family ticket, 12 concessions available now. This event needs a temporary events notice 21 for each event and it lasts for 4 days. Music and dancing classed as regulated entertainment. J.  Smith has applied for this.

Land share:      Denise is going to register on behalf of the DCA on the Channel 4 web site.

DCA web site:     A weekly blog on gardening is being started.

ECO Day It has been suggested that the DCA join with Playgroup and do

'green' activities. Local firms to be contacted ; Wild Life Trust, back

2 bikes, Clear Out day.

Well Being Event: Denise contacted Body Shop but as yet has not had a reply. Suggested date in October.

Arts Projects: Anita to do a taster session of felt making at the beginning of July

(5th and 12th ). 20 needed for materials.

Local Member It was proposed by D. Peel and seconded by J. Smith that the DCA

Initiative: use 100 to buy staging in order to claim 500 from Mark

Winnington that has been allocated for staging. All in favour.

Doxey Welcome Decisions have been made on presentation. Prices being sort. Pack:

Parish Council: A DVD on the history of Doxey is being made. Anyone interested needs to contact Nigel.

Doxey Times: Usual dates, eco day, AGM date, public meeting report.

Correspondence: Charity commission annual returns to be completed after May AGM.


Public liability

eco day

The meeting closed at 9.15pm.

The next meeting to be held 11thMarch, 2009, 7.30 pm at the Sutton Centre.

Request for help published in Doxey Times - June 2009

Save the DCA

For the last twelve years Doxey Community Association has been working to make the village a better place to live in. With the Annual General Meeting coming up it is a good time to attend to the successes of Doxey Community Association.

Doxey people readily take part in these activities. In the future there can be more of the same or new activities for you to attend, but only if you are willing to come up with ideas and offers of support.

The AGM of the Association will take place on 10th June. That is the time to come along and say what you want to see happen. To ensure the continued success of the DCA you need to attend the AGM

From the Chair

Having moved to Doxey five years ago from out of the area I had very few expectations of settling down or becoming so involved within Doxey community. How things changed!

With a partner who worked away during the week, the remaining five days where long and dull. I felt isolated and home sick from my previously bustling town environment and didn't think that I could stick out this quiet and secluded existence even for a couple of months.

On returning from work one day I found a copy of the Doxey Times sitting on my door mat and decided to have a browse through it over a cup of tea. One of the articles caught my attention, it was advertising auditions for Village Voices, a community drama project, later that week. I decided to be brave and give it a go and I've never looked back.

Initially I just attended DCA events but it wasn't

long before I was volunteering to be chair! Each year has involved different opportunities from pantos, to litter picks, sculpture workshops to Christmas dinners and an introduction to Indian dancing to name but a few.

By being involved in the DCA it has given me a wide range of friends, skills, challenges and a lot of laughter. It is with regret that, due to family commitments, I have to resign my position as chair.

I would encourage anyone who has considered either attending an event or wanted to be part of a welcoming and active association to be brave and give it ago.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported or been actively involved within the community association for all their hard work, commitment and enthusiasm, which I know will continue.

Many thanks,



Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 08/07/09 at 7.30pm at the William Sutton Centre


G. Smith, J. Smith, D. Hughes, D. Peel, E. Last, J. Harvey.


A. Sumner-Smith, J. Peel, K. Walker

Matters Arising:

Public Liability Insurance Policy is now secured for the D.C.A.

It was agreed a risk assessment procedure should be put in place, safety checks be carried out before any event and an appropriate tick sheet completed.

Denise will go to the H.S.E. Website for further information, she will also speak to Anne Winnington at the church play group about a Child Protection Policy, C.R.B. checks and also risk assessment. It was agreed that Trustees should meet to compile a check list.


The min                Minutes for the meeting held on 08/04/09 were accepted as a true record, proposed D. Hughes, seconded by J. Smith.


Emily                    Emily Last has agreed to be a trustee and Sally Hems will be approached for the final vacancy.

Feedback June AGM.

It was agreed that this was a success and reasonably well attended.

Forthcoming Events

An Introduction to Felt Making.

Anita would like to start this later in the year, proposed dates, either 26th/27th September or 3rd/4th October. Possible venue, William Sutton Centre. There is a possibility that other craft ideas could spring from this.

If the groups are small it was suggested that they could take place around willing members' kitchen/dining room tables.

Senior Citizens' Christmas Lunch.

Saturday 12th December. Gill will check the date with Ruth Ball to ensure that it is in the church diary.

Alterations to DCA

It was agreed that the Association meetings would, in future, take place bi-monthly. A list of dates will be printed in The Doxey Times along with the changes for the 'new look' DCA. Gill suggested that an agenda should be displayed in the local shops and the DCA notice-board. Joan Harvey now has the key to the notice-board.

Skill Based Funding for Training

The SDVS is running two half day courses in September and October of this year which enable groups to negotiate the likely pitfalls when applying for funding. John Smith proposed that the DCA become a member of the SDVS at a cost of twenty pounds. Gill Smith seconded this. It was agreed that Emily Last and Kim Walker should be nominated for this training.

Heritage Lottery Funding

Denise suggested that a grant should be applied for to enable the work of local historian, Eileen Skelton, to be professionally scanned. John suggested that this could also be combined with photographs and stories from the next Doxey Reunited Evening. Denise will brooch this idea with Mrs Skelton before any application is made.

John suggested that anyone who had an idea for activities in Doxey could put their request to the DCA and funding could be sought under the DCA umbrella as long as a risk assessment had been carried out.

The Micron Theatre Group will be back in Doxey 16th August. Gill said she would be looking for volunteers to make cakes for the occasion.

Parish Council Report

David Hughes said that negotiations were still ongoing with regard to the play area behind the school. The football field is presently being extended. A junior football pitch is also being considered for 8-16yrs. David told us that the police are willing to fund this with Community Project money. He is also finalizing the posters for the Doxey Day event on 18th July.

Doxey Times

David Hughes generously offered to extend the number of his present deliveries of the Doxey Times. John said that it had come to his attention that some residents were not receiving their Doxey Times.


South Staffordshire Primary Care Trust

Introducing a free Health Trainer Service to anyone over 18 to help motivate lifestyle changes. Denise suggested that this was worth looking into more thoroughly.

Information received on Green Awards 2009.

It was decided that the ECO Day was a worthy contender for this award Denise will apply.

SDVS ICT awareness course - Rodbaston

SCC leaflet - awareness of fraudulent callers, garden safety,

Derrington village gained Stafford Borough's first 'Low Carbon Community' award.


Next meeting September 9th 2009

Meeting closed 9.00pm

Amended : 15-11-19 TOP